Friday, August 17, 2012

grayed summer day

sometimes the bundles 
 yield quirky results
 shadows and wraiths on paper
 and cloths
layers of grays
my camera wouldn't read the pale greens
 or peaches
or distinct
rusty shapes on open weave.
and i just set the thing down and get back to work.
  black eyed susans cheer me up
especially after a three hour work meeting
from which i returned with a hollering headache.
this morning there are amazing gold lights
deep within backyard maples. 
sunlight playing games.
not autumn.
not yet.


Alice said...

Don't know which I like better, the wraiths or the blackeyed susans. They're all good. Down with meetings.

Cathy Cullis said...

I like the look of the bundles themselves, they look otherworldly and yet human and anticipating change.

deanna7trees said...

intrigued by the green streaks and the paper clip imprints. quirky is good.

Velma said...

cathy, thanks, they are nifty and weird
deanna, thanks for that

mjc said...

Quirky is good! I too love the bundles. But mostly I want to send a you a post-three-hour meeting hug: good thing you have the bundles to return to.

jude said...

susans are always a pick me up.
i am quirked out over here...

onesmallstitch said...

work meetings! - is it really that late in the summer? love the Susan's golden glow.

Velma said...

melissa, the hug MUCH appreciated!
jude, quirky is perhaps inevitable?
jean, ugh!

Long Ridge Farm said...

quirked out here as well.
I am excited at the prospect of a really quiet early fall.
you can always rebundle those works....the gentleness of them is nice though.

mansuetude said...

the second one reminds me of an ancient text--one of those scrolls that is sacred, (supposed to tell of Enlightenment or Truth) and when you open it there are no words.

Have a wonderful weekend.

ronnie said...

I love the look of the bundles as much or maybe more than the unwrapped pieces (does that make me a bit perverse?)

Velma said...

nancy, i will rebundle if i am not happy later on, sometimes it takes a bit to grow on me.
m, yeah, that text like patterning is nifty!
ronnie, of course you like the bundles! you are the most unperverse woman!

Valerianna said...

Yup... quirky and FUN!

My garden is pretty much black and brown eyed susans now.... I LOVE them for their color AND because they thrive here.

Velma said...

yes, valerie, they love to blossom here in this little garden.

india flint said...

ah those bundles...they're everywhere!

Velma said...

...prophet of bloom spreads bundling to hinterlands

Judy Martin said...

I really like the soft grey colour in the unbundled cloth, Velma.

I can see you doing something very calm and serene with them - maybe piecing them, or layering them.


Velma said...

judy, thoughtful suggestions, thanks

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