Monday, August 13, 2012

respite at warwick press

 sometimes things just get richer.
after long ridge papermaking
 i visited my dear friend carol blinn
behind the red door 
 i was in such a tizzy
taking blurry pictures in the shop
carol does much work these days
on her mac
so the presses have been a bit quiet
 jane, not forgotten
 i love puzzling out these messages
 i remember
carol sending me her card
with this wonderful daisy
carol loves birds, 
having a particular proclivity for pekin 
i first bought her 
once upon a time book two
and fell in love with the duck tales
and then more and more stories.
and something new to me:
paste paper. 
 i sat and looked and looked and looked
while she did real work
 treasures everywhere to spy.
winding down from teaching 
with stories 
of paper and dye and books and folks we love.
i knew
(from past experience)
there might be whales
between montpelier and burlington
and sure enough
i spotted them.


Valerianna said...

Wonderful, rich post! Oh, how I wish we could have met somewhere while you were here... you know I am just a few miles from Easthampton? I know sometimes these trips just get too FULL and one wants to be present with ALL of oneself with one's friend... but you would have had to drive by me to get home! Oh well, another time!

aimee said...

those are the BEST best kinds of visits. hugs to you both!

Velma said...

valerie, me, too. another time for sure!
aimee, yes, you know!

jude said...

i am becoming so in love with printing presses.

Velma said...

jude, me, too. it's getting worse.

kaiteM said...

thanks for the day trip, it was all very interesting, esp the 1794 and the duckies. from another duckie lover.

onesmallstitch said...

oh, it's all a whale of a tale.

Velma said...

a tail, indeed, jean (he he he)

india flint said...

whales of a different kind can also be spotted near Burlington - the food at Henry's Diner is fabulous and can lead to inadvertent and rapid girth expansion

Gardener in the Distance said...

Always very succinct, your posts Velma, easy on the eye and the mind, yet stirring feelings of well-being and a deeper reality. Cheers, Faisal.

ronnie said...

so much to love here.... is that a guillotine I spy? (ooooo want!) but I think my fav is that little sampler from jane (maybe because my little EJ is just that age right now? ... maybe because in 1794 my ancestors - double convict first fleeters - had only arrived in oz some 6 years years earlier... and THEIR baby girl would have been 7 years old in 1794... either way it sings to me)

Velma said...

india, another excuse to visit b'ton-henry's it is!
faisal, well, thank you!
ronnie, yes, jan's words are threads tot he past. my ancestors were early early arrivers here.

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