Wednesday, August 1, 2012

prepping for papermaking
it will be incredible
because we are responding to place
in a particular way...with 
and book
packing is almost doneorganizing
and tomorrow morning, off i go!
here at home
much awaits my return. 
i like this!
bats: they tested negative for rabies
and they seem to be all gone.
for now!
 have to leave ms wendy "to home"
 curious pup 
 two nights ago moon
 squeezing in the sun and the moon
 or the sun and the moon
(aka round bale)
 or the sun, the moon, and mars
 or the moon alone that night
 this is the sampler we all stitched on in oz
 a few of you may recognize 
your own marks
 or a few new marks made
by tea bags and rusty metal
 and i like it seen
 through a leyer of itself
there were two this morning.
if wendy was in the same shape
as last year
these two would have 
shown such boldness.


india flint said...

good thing it's only two and not three

in Australia
the saying goes

three bunnies, three years, three million bunnies.

Velma said...

india, thank goodness we have the right predators here.

Claudia MacDonald said...

Remember little rabbit pfoo pfoo...? Enjoy Vt. little well and safe. xoxo

Velma said...

claudia, i wondered what you meant by vt. i'm going to nh!

ronnie said...

couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing than a spot of papermaking....... *soon* I tell myself *patience* (ps - as a kiddie my brother and I would earn pocket money catching rabbits..... not with traps mind you - but by running the little blighters down with a whole mess of screaming childrens...... ahhhhh those were the days!)

aimee said...

i'll be thinking of you as i exit vt and you enter nh the same weekend!

Velma said...

ronnie, next time i'm in oz or you're here--
aimee, weird timing, for sure.

Valerianna said...

Fun, fun, looking forward to a full report!!! Wendy looks jaunty.... and don't forget to waveas you travel by!

onesmallstitch said...

have a great/wonderful time, travel safe and come back to show us all your hard work

Velma said...

valerie, wave wave...wendy is staying home and she is, despite the humidity, doing well.
jean, thanks, should be a great class!

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