Monday, May 30, 2011


 this book was made to mark 31 days of august
 each shifu page is a place holder, a day keeper
 some are paintings, or in this case a "dyeing".
a list within a list, keeping time
then i was contemplating, along with some others, dots.
thank you everyone for the antidotes.
i am ok, struggling is a good thing, in my book, 
but that doesn't mean i like it.


ronnie said...


Velma said...

ronnie, the longer i've lived with this book, the more i like it. it's been around two years now, i think, and is a wonderful record of a summer.

Gardener in the Distance said...

Velma, there seems to have been alot of work gone into thie 'simple' object. Is that so? I love its tiny size and the entirely hand-crafted feeling of it...and every page seems unique. It looks like the sort of thing that has alot of personal value.

Anonymous said...

oh, I love everything about this little book. the shifu pages are wonderful.

jude said...

this is amazing. the weather is better today, sometimes that is everything.

Velma said...

today, here, too. thanks.

joni said...

did you make 1 page a day? i love the dye paintings and embroidery...all of it.

Velma said...

yes, joni, i spun and wove the pages first, then responded on each page to what the day brought me.

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