Monday, May 9, 2011

spinning together

 i got a new wee spindle, 
a friend's recommendation, 
and it's gorgeous!
  10 gram weight. 
you can see that i wound on the tiny bit of spinning i did the wrong way. 
oh well
it has absolutely wonderful action.
 l + j, louise and josh, 
the folks that made their wedding paper with me, 
dropped this by.
 i love this little tree home.
i hope that i will be around for their day, 
but i think i will be traveling out west then. 
i'm too lazy just now to double check. 
and my nose is running with whichever pollen is blowing through the ethers.
it's surely spring!


kaite said...

the little spindle is definately drop gorgeous, and i see it's made of lilac - i haven't seen lilac turned before.
and such a simply beautiful wedding invite, says it all.

aimee said...

i coveted drop spindles in oakland before i left! but i couldn't be acquiring things at that point. yay for yours! i love being able to read yr blog in NY time!!

anastasia said...

adorable! i did not know that such a tiny spindle was possible, and it works!

Velma said...

kaite and all, it was a special mail day, indeed!
aimee, you're back! YAY!!!!
anastasia, yes, this is tiny, and perfectly balanced, perfect in many ways. love!

jude said...

what a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

love the kuchulu,the lilac is beautiful and the Jenkins are such nice people to deal with. the invite is wonderfully unique. let me know when you are coming west.

neki desu said...

lovely little spindle.
have you considered wearing a mask a la japanese?it's the great pollen barrier.ask me how i know.

Velma said...

jude, it feels like heaven. perfect
jean, july in the teens, but will post soon
neki, i can't quite imagine wearing it...and over at your place there is something i call raspberry delight!

Penny Berens said...

Hi Velma, it's that novice weaver from Tanglewood threads! Your new spindle is adorable. I haven't tried spinning yet.

Velma said...'s just a matter of time...he, he, he...

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