Monday, May 16, 2011

healing woods

lampson falls, degrasse wild forest
my class and i went into the woods today
the trail is easy, no complaints
the falls was huge
pregnant with heavy spring
we had a guide who taught us about geocaching
and we found one
i was unaware of being sick.
at home i am tired, but the 45 degree weather, the rain, the breeze
has healed me.
that, and wendy's ginger, lemon, honey brew.


iNd!@nA said...

the woods are the best of classrooms

Velma said...

india--i thought of you several times, envisioned bundles, but took away nothing, as it's forest preserve.

kaite said...

wild rivers and woven tree branches/roots are very healing.

Anonymous said...

were the teddy bears having a picnic? there's nothing like a day spent with nature to perk a person up.

Velma said...

no bears, but plenty of water and roots and trees and gorgeous blooming spring!

jude said...

the cold and rain got me down today. the falls.... magnificent!

aimee said...

you made it!!! despite the rains. hooray. being back we had rain the entire way from cleveland. welcome back, right? :)

Velma said...

yes, the rains have made it VERY wet, flooding, but the falls was magnificent. roaring as we walked in. water high and wild, no easy kayaking on this river anytime soon.

Valerianna said...

Those trilliums are blooming all over RavenWood right now. I love them. They are the only ones here, though down the road a bit, the red ones bloom. Wonderful woods walk, and the ginger, lemon, honey brew sounds good right now!

neki desu said...

ginger lemon tea is magic!

Velma said...

and i, i am healing.

Penny Berens said...

Magnificent falls. Feel better.

Barry said...

V- What an amazing walk - full of life, energy death, renewal, fresh warm air. Glad you and Wendy are recovering. Go well and be well. B

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