Monday, May 30, 2011

a journey with claudia

 a thin silver thread
do you see?
the sun found it this morning
before we went to the mountains.
a snail trail. 
over driveway. still evidence 
of determination, haphazard, of travel.
how can it throw caution to the wind
throw itself into the small small movement
one millimeter at a time.
i would give up, i would not see
that unbelievable goal
mapped on summer asphalt and dirt. 


ronnie said...

but things seem so different for the snail....

Velma said...

there's a wonderful book: the sound of a wild snail eating.

Penny Berens said...

Perhaps we are the only ones who have to have a goal or an end of the journey in our mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

they only see 1 millimeter at a time, maybe it isn't so daunting and what is the alternative?

Velma said...

one at a time. whatever the measure. one more dot.

jude said...

a snail trail. this has always been a marvel. just going. perfect. thank you.

Velma said...

you're welcome. it was so hard to photograph in the early sunlight!

iNd!@nA said...

snail trails make interesting mordants for cloth too...

Anonymous said...

we get snail trails on our windows and the patterns are always fascinating.
really enjoy your posts.

nancy krampf

Velma said...

i, now i must leave lengths of cloth in my driveway each night!
n, thanks!

It's just a painting said...

As I feel.

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