Saturday, May 14, 2011

fern dust

these ferns grow every spring
fiddleheads unfurl 
from the same root system
shed golden powdery dust
which i collected
on wednesday
and cooked
for a while
now it's hydrated
and ready for a little papermaking experiment
i'll let you know how it comes out
but first i will nurture this spring cold--
wendy is doing well, no more seizures
so far. she's sad hannah's gone, but she's used to that change.
hannah and ian have been leaving,
on and off, for 15 years.


kaite said...

That fern dust should give a very fine and nicely textured paper, i'll enjoy seeing how it progresses.
i'm pleased to hear that Wendy is ok, it's so scary watching a dog have a fit, very worrying. I remember when Boy had one when we were out walking, i had to carry him home - all 45 kg of him. Another time i just sat with him until it all passed, and had to fend off curious bystanders.

Gardener in the Distance said...

Velma, I can't wait to see what you'll do with these 'fiddleheads'...again, may I say, beautifully posted...

Margaret said...

Are those the edible type of fiddleheads? If so, they're yummy, steamed, and served with butter, salt and pepper. :-)

Penny Berens said...

Would that lovely looking pulp also dye some cloth?

Velma said...

thanks everyone. don't know about the dyeing. perhaps i'll have enough energy to play tomorrow. today i'm getting better. i hope.

ronnie said...

watching this project unfold is like waiting to unwrap christmas presents under the tree....the suspense is killing me!

(hope wendy woof is going much stronger... hugs from all - including our creek collies)

Valerianna said...

Glad Wendy is better! That's a relief. I always wonder about that fern fuzz stuff... wonder how it will work.

Maggie Neale said...

I've been so enjoying eating our gathered ferns, but I didn't think paper with their husks. Love that inventive spirit I feel here.
Happy healing to all.

Anonymous said...

good to hear Wendy is doing well, healing wishes to you both.can't wait to see the paper. bracken can be used as both a dye and a mordant but have never heard of any ferns used as a dye.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - I hope you both continue to repair and heal and find more energy. This looks like such a fun and I look forward to the unveiling...

Velma said...

r, i forgot you have collies, and thanks, wendy doesn't seem worried
v, it's sorta sticky without the stickiness...
m, i'm wondering what i can make of this great stuff
j, i think also some ferns for basketry, and i'm sure you have WAY more ferns where you live!
f, me, too, if i feel well enough maybe i'll accomplish something today

anastasia said...

the fern fuzz is great to spin up with another long fiber such as silk. it gives it a speckled tweedy look.

Velma said...

i bought some from habu that i will find the perfect use for someday.

neki desu said...

poor wendy!!hope she's doing better.
seems that you need a lot of fern dust to make paper pulp don't you?

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