Sunday, May 1, 2011


it feels like spring today. 
the promise kept.
two good trees 
spruce and butternut 
this went down in april 
 remains of the milkhouse
mosquito nesting ground
photographer's sarcophagus 
 no insect activity
but a woman with 
green striped socks
 she matches these 
protected by down
oh, no
reward for this
winter of hard times 
the fiber of winter
under the green frayed cloth
of may
it's mayday
today i put out 
hummingbird feeders
a huge commitment 
as far as i can tell
 finished the pure hosta
added a little abaca
ready for milkweed pulp 
tiny sheets
a tiny home
and blackflies are swarming
not biting much


onesmallstitch said...

spring! and promises of new things. a better finger, green growth,flowers,hummingbirds and even mosquitoes. life renewed.

Valerianna said...

Love the unfurling ferns... such wonderful fuzziness. And what a glorious May Day! I went to a nearby pagan community land for a Maypole. I conveniently forget about the black flies every year... but then they come! Here, too, not biting yet, just starting to swarm around. Happy May!

aimee said...

yay, PAPER!!

Velma said...

j & v, today it really, really seems like spring! no maypole for me, though i think a friend was celebrating. i'm too busy springing. (NOT like a heifer, however)

Velma said...

YAY, aimee!!!

ronnie said...

oh sad tree
oh happy fern
and paper (mmmmmmmmm)
hope you can sidestep the bities

Barry said...

V- so many different aspects of Spring - the bounty - growth but also the insects. Loved the photos of your reflection in the trough - almost looks liked a reflected bronze. B

Fiona Dempster said...

A deserved reward for that long hard winter Velma - such joy in renewal!

kaite said...

striped socks in sandals, Birkis perhaps, a sure sign of Spring and how i too love wearing them.
Beautiful photo of the fiddle heads, green flamingos.

Velma said...

r,b,f,&k, yes, signs of spring and two mornings in a row of keeping the door open!
barry, i love that shot, too. really happy with it.

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