Saturday, April 30, 2011


weather: keeps us busy, adjusting expectations, plans, ideas
huge clouds brought rain and big winds, 
flooding even closeby, 
i was thinking of only my little stressors
the finger, 
a muscle in my back,
bloodroot then equisetum 
baby leaves, 
and a cooler but calm day today.
a happy saturday
after stretching out in the sun
and eating a yummy salad
i feel human.
soon i will have a new,
non-invasive splint for my finger, 
so i will be able to use the hand a bit better.


ronnie said...

it's been a big weather year wherever you look eh.... floods, winds, earth shaking..... I take it as a small reminder - we hu-mung beans are little


Velma said...

respect: the way aretha says it!

Deb G said...

It's something we all have in common...the weather.

Velma said...

yes, the thing we can always talk/write about! as a kid i could not believe anyone could waste time talking about the weather.

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