Sunday, April 10, 2011

paper mill day

friday and satuday were paper mill days. louise and josh are getting married, so they want some paper for invites and a book. regan came along to help and to grow some ideas. 
 we set up two vats, one unbleached abaca
one with cattail and fern inclusions 
friday was a steep learning curve 
but by saturday they were comfortable 
and into production 
regan made several straight sheets, and then... 
louise couching 
josh pulling 
and where regan's work went 
she made two scrolls, 
abaca and black walnut dye 
louise marveling 
drying on boards in the sun 
regan brought lots of chocolate 


aimee said...

YAY!!! what a big long hard day's work. but soooo worth it. and sunny! i love that the car is working hard, too.

Anonymous said...

satisfaction with a job well done! I'm sure the chocolate helped.

ronnie said...

bravo! what spectacular paper! what workers! (do they do house visits? hee hee hee I promise chocolate...) thanks so for sharing especially the process (I'm fascinated but mostly clueless about paper making.... its on my 'must learn properly before I die' list..... its a LOOOOOONG list....)

Velma said...

a, yesterday WAS sunny, today sun and clouds then rain and if we're lucky, some thumpies tonight!
j, that chocolate was exquisite. i have a couple pieces left--
r, yep, c'mon over. or maybe next year when i'm teaching in oz!


I so want a paper beater. Have been working with paper mache and the hours spent at the blender I could do without.

Velma said...

i have about 8 blenders around the mill for processing the softer fibers, a hydropulper, and a hollander beater named bette (davis) cuz she's ornery.

kaite said...

what a day, love the black walnut ones.

Velma said...

she's on to something there--

jude said...

gee, love the black walnut. i feel like i was there.

Velma said...

fine praise, jude!

Maggie Neale said...

Wonderful tale in do paper making workshops open to others?

Velma said...

my mill is a teaching mill, or i should say it's plenty big enough to teach a group. i have had 20 grad students beavering away in here, but i should say they were all good at listening, following directions, and sharing! but, yes, i do teach!

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