Monday, April 4, 2011


wild grapes
this is how i am today
but i am
 in this town
where there are horses, 
while i'm
staying at the artificial environment of the hilton

in saratoga where your horse naturally won.
 this was part of a metallic thoroughbred's anatomy.
but i met a writer who loves horses 
and writes for the y.a. reader

but this is what i will remember from saratoga

indigo and terra cotta


Joanna said...

Wow! Stunning colors~ The berries prove that age and wrinkles are beautiful.

aimee said...

i suddenly had a vision of that hilton. not that i'm sure i ever saw it but i feel really strongly that once, i did. i'll be glad when you return home and can lap up good sustenance again.

DIAN said...

Love those gorgeous wrinkly berries on the roof.

neki desu said...

hmm...wild grapes as a metaphor

kaite said...

a lovely duo

Barry said...

V- love the combo - deep grape purple and terracotta- love the images - and reminds me of terracotta jugs of red wine. B

iNdi@na said...

now if you bundled those berries....

Velma said...

j, damn good thing about wrinkles
a, you GET it, always
d, n, k,&b, seeing these made my day
i, i thought of it, i did!

Bonnie K said...

Indigo & terra cotta...Two of my favorite colors!

Velma said...

YAY, bonnie, and hi again!

T said...

Fantastic combination, great photograph.....yeh I can see the potential velma....


Velma said...

potential-i like that

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