Monday, April 25, 2011


yellow unsurpassed
on clear, softest white
 dak up close
fiber richness 
flower comes first, then leaf
 magic lilies
the cycle 
fern dust
star dust
soft through brittle 
stems of last year


kaite said...

what's dak? it looks like mulberry fibre to me, very beautiful.

Velma said...

you're right--it's korean mulberry used for papermaking...i don't know the latin (or other korean) names, just dak!

aimee said...

my students had a lot of fun playing w/the dak this past weekend! i'm glad a little bit strayed east.

Velma said...

me, too, oh instigator of straying!!!

Valerianna said...

wonderful textures.... I best get out to do more raking so I can see the fiddleheads and the rest of the things popping up - now that the snow has melted again!

Anonymous said...

have you tried dyeing with the bloodroot? wonder if it would give colour in paper. the roots were used to dye basket reed, porcupine quills and as a face paint.

Fiona Dempster said...

Lovely images of emergence and resurgence and reminders of renewal.

Velma said...

v, those late snows can break your heart
j, yes! i love it!
f, thank you.

kaite said...

good, now i have a name for it - dak. i bought a couple of sheets of it at Orange Forum last week. well not exactly 'sheets', more like long wide strips.

Velma said...

yay, dak!

T said...

just loved this are so connected to where you are....thanks


Velma said...

can't help this connection, more important than i even know.

Maggie Neale said...

Love seeing the bloodroot, I miss it, should have taken some from my other home. Love the idea of resurgence. Sorry about your friend Steve. Must be hard to have your home plowed down by wind. Yes, flooding here too and winds. Weather is having its say.

Velma said...

flooding in vt. looks to be as problematic as here.

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