Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hosta up close

hosta deckles
hosta chips, perhaps?
slow pulp 
and irregular drying 
that's beautiful
if you like that sort of thing
i do


Cait Throop said...

And I do like that sort of thing...when you do it! :D xo

kaite said...

a couple of granite rock covers will sort it out!

Velma said...

oh, yes, i should have made some shaped sheets...i have a little pulp left!!! thanks, kaite and cait!

ronnie said...

mmmmm like

Deb G said...

Laughing...I like people that are that way too.

Velma said...

perhaps we all are "that way"?!

Anonymous said...

a little bent and chipped? whats for dip?

Maggie Neale said...

Gorgeous paper photos! I want to make some too!

Barry said...

V-love the idea that the paper could be like corn chips - lol. B

Velma said...

j, dip--something spicy with chocolate
m, there's still one vat of hosta in the mill
b, they're all flattened out now, a nice tiny stack of business card size papers.

Fiona Dempster said...

And there I was dreaming of nachos! We are back from the wilds for a few days and I've been enjoying looking at all these posts - some lovely paper happening and hoping that the finger is on the mend and doesn't need surgery. I'll cross my fingers for you! Go well F

Velma said...

f, the dip--mole based! very mexican! appreciate your good wishes

T said...

yeh its individual, with a mind of its own... i like it too..


Velma said...

we work out an agreement somewhere between chip curliness and computer paper flatness.

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