Friday, April 22, 2011

drying dyeing

 there was a little potful of mushrooms and water waiting for me to throw in something to dye
i was uninspired 
and exhausted
this week. 
all i could do was make paper, something i know so well 
and so  
i took a piece of lokta, 
folded it, 
clamped four quarters, 
and put it and two velvet scrunchies into the pot
the color and pattern are very subtle
but at least it's something
and i am looking for subtleties 
these days
grateful for every 


Fiona Dempster said...

Oh Velma I am loving this - it looks so subtle, gentle and sublime! If that's what you do when you are! Lovely,lovely, lovely.

kaite said...

yes i know the feeling only too well, subtleties don't leave one feeling even more exhausted. the lokta dyed up well.

Valerianna said...

I love the top photo - the contrast of the delicate paper to the almost gothic grate, wonderful.... COLD today! Just lit a fire and am late to get going this morning, sipping coffee and waiting to warm up, my enthusiasm for cleaning up the garden today blew away with the cold winds yesterday. I wonder what you will do this weekend, I love all the subtle color and texture coming from here these days, like the fields.

Velma said...

f & k, i AM tired this week, menopausal, whacked out finger, whacked out co-workers!
v, cold here, too. the grate is my favorite one in this house of many layered farmstyles.

jude said...

subtle sounds easy. not. hence the fickle bitch.

Velma said...

self-criticism can be a high fence.

deanna7trees said...

shibori on paper. love it.

Bonnie K said...

subtle. simple. i love it!

Velma said...


ronnie said...

ooooo so lovely!

Anonymous said...

simply,subtly perfect

Velma said...

thanks again

iNd!@nA said...

here's a tip...when colours are subtle, mix up a jar of old rusty nails with a splash of vinegar and a lot of water. let the mix sit for a few days.
and then spray on the cloth with a mister...
magic will happen

Velma said...

ah, what a good idea. will try!

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