Friday, April 29, 2011

tornado update

here's an update on steve: red hydra. to help out, go to the college book art association and press the donate button on the top right. when you fill in the form, just say the donation is for steve miller disaster relief.
i am so happy to hear that he, his partner des, and their pets are well, and rode out the storm in their basement. the photo of their house is sad. i wonder if it can be repaired. 
steve called me once, around a decade ago, introduced himself and said "you got it". what he was referring to was the nell meldahl scholarship for p.b.i., the paper and book intensive. when it sunk in (i had replied, got what?) i ungraciously shouted "no shit!" and he replied with a grin in his voice, "no shit!" 


Barry said...

V- we have been watching the news of the destruction with trepidation - always a challenge when you possibly know people are at risk. Good to know S and D are ok - not feeling great about the destruction of property but we can do something about that. Go well and send our vibes to them. B

Virginia said...

The weather everywhere has been so strange and frightening. Uncle Jonathan took Molly and her cousin out to see the flood release water come through Colton yesterday. They missed the big surge but the amount powering through that normally peaceful section of river was apparently impressive and scary.

We have done tremendous damage in our time as dominant species here. I'm so glad that your friends have survived the lashback. We need to hang on to our artists and scientists who can teach us how to walk a little more softly.

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