Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more paper

i came home and walked wendy 
to her delight
 then made a few hosta sheets 
wet, greenish. 
i dry these on boards
they are very high shrinkage, so when they start to peel 
and they always do
i'll bring them in the house and use blotters and weight to finish drying.
vat still hostaful
guardian of the paper mill
(not pleased by the camera)
 we went back out to check
 saw a surprise
was seen by a surprise
(besides the greening meadow)


Valerianna said...

Beautiful, the curious deer....

cold and damp, off to light a fire!

Velma said...

whoops, v, i fixed a huge grammar problem, sorry about that!

ronnie said...

paper is delightful (so is the deer)

Cathy Cullis said...

yes beautiful paper, lovely photos, so nice to find a moment and 'look into' your world Velma, best wishes Cathy

kaite said...

is it a young one?

Bonnie K said...

lovely paper...and sweet surprise in the meadow!

Velma said...

i haven't seen deer all winter like last year, this one (there were three) was last year's fawn. young and curious.

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern the drying paper makes on the boards. looks like patchwork, the colours are warm with arashi shibori wood patterns

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