Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fruit of the woods

 what i found
evidence of poaching
red polypore?
brought back in my pockets
squishy and full
of rain
and snow 
some mist
pot full of potential
red or orange?
oh, and that yellow thing? 
a shotgun shell. 
definitely not supposed to be there.


kaite said...

a shotgun shell, that's worrying. did you not hear it?
hope the red fungus doesn't smell :(

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Don't be boiling up that shotgun shell!! You might get a great big surprise!!

Anonymous said...

now I'm green with envy - never have found a red polypore and with a quick look can't find it in either "all that the rain promises.." or "the rainbow beneath my feet". did it "bleed" when you cut it? It could be dyer's polypore (phaeolus schweinitzii) which turns brown as it gets older-- in which case you would get yellow, orange and golds. I'm waiting!

joni said...

i'd narrow it down between hapalopilus rutilans (dyes violet!) or pycnoporus cinnabarinus by keying it out at

or if it has tubes and not pores then maybe it is a fistulina hepatica.
a mushroom that "bleeds," but has spines not pores is hydnellum peckii. HTH!

neki desu said...

following with interest.

Barry said...

V- I thought don't tell me V is going to eat that - thank goodness I read on - what a great colour seems to be steaming in the caldron. Great that nature offers us such beauty. B

Velma said...

thanks for the input-i know next to nothing about fungi, but enough to respect and be very careful. the little pot is steeping for now.

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