Sunday, April 17, 2011

milkweed pulped

these fibers
over the fall and winter
yes and spring
stolen from 
birds eager for 
no, i walk out 
again and again
spotting the strange bird seed pods
and the gray fiber 
that looks like my hair 
pull and break and peel off


kaite said...

do you use caustic when breaking down the fibres for paper, or are they entirely field retted? i hate the smell of cooking with caustic.

Velma said...

ahh, my dirty secret is out, i LKIE the smell of fiber cooking, this was soda ash cook. another dirty secret-i forgot to cut the fiber before the cook, so now i have to cut them wet. dumb. must be the finger.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are able to continue doing "things" cutting wet sounds rather difficult? I keep spilling/dropping things, spend more time cleaning up than doing anything constructive. take care.

Velma said...

i will have to chop fibers wet, because i forgot while dry. geesh!

iNdi@na said...

wood ash [though of indeterminate pH and composition] offers a cheap alternative....

Velma said...

i know, indie, but it's the indeterminate part that keeps me away from using my wood ash, though i have used it before.

kaite said...

perhaps a tomahawk would do the trick, that's what the Maningrida women use.

neki desu said...

they do look like your hair!
velma the milkweed goddess

Hannah said...

so glad i missed that nasty stink!!

Velma said...

k, i have a wonderful swedish hatchet...
n, ha!
h, i'll cook you up something in may...

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