Friday, April 15, 2011

break count

spring break count: 
~on the night that i hurt my finger, i saved a dog's life. she had almost swallowed a 15" length of climbing rope. there were two" left in her mouth when i pried it open and hauled out a slimy, slimy red thing.
~uncovered lots of greening flowers from maple leaf mulch
~made paper from hosta (i keep raving about that)
~taught papermaking to some friends and helped another take her work somewhere else
~returned books (ok, four) to amazon
~organized some files (note, not all files)
~harvested mushrooms for dye
~investigated hops fiber
~walked my land. found an illegal tree stand (a deer hunter placed it in a tree on my posted land) and a spent shell casing. shame on you bad hunter.
~put together my alden amos cotton wheel
~cleaned off the dining table
~prepped shifu
~planned warp
~read and walked, and talked to friends
~kept smiling 


Cait Throop said...

OK that's more than I do in a week!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I like the "return books" bit, that's a very accomplished week and a strange looking finger. time for a little rest.

aimee said...

YAY! amazing list. rope-swallowing dog, yipes!! and indeed, a bad, bad hunter. but an excellent velma!

Velma said...

m has thanked me repeatedly for saving gwen's life. she's my best dog friend besides wendy.

ronnie said...

oooo sore looking finger.... great looking paper... naughty doggie.... and deer hunter on your land? scheeez! the idea of uninviting hunters setting up camp is giving me the chills!

liniecat said...

Thats not a bad count given that your wounded!

By the way whats a 'tree stand'?

kaite said...

well done, but now slow down a bit, you can't run away from that finger...5 stars to you for saving the dog, that's truly horrific. i'm imagining that it's a young dog?

Velma said...

r&l, it's a "traditional" hunting culture here, and trespassing is an understood "rule", a tree stand is a hunter's platform put up in a tree to shoot at deer from
k, gwen is 5 and knows better, she went "chew crazy". the rope belonged to my border collie who plays with it

T said...

great to see you are still smiling velma, its hard to have a finger out of action when our art work is so tactile. I wish you well and hope that it gets back to normal soon.


Velma said...

t, i smile for the camera, but i'm grumpy, still haven't changed the bandage w/o letting the thing move a little bit. not good.

Deb G said...

Oh ouch! My one and only trip to the emergency room for myself was when I ran over the tip of my finger with a rotary cutter. The tip is still there but it wasn't a sure thing. :) Hope it feels better soon. I'm very curious about hops fiber. I have two huge hop vines in my garden.

Fiona Dempster said...

Never a dull moment then Velma? I hope the finger heals well - I broke my right ring finger last year - very annoying when you are a calligrapher trying to write, and all the other things so I share your frustration. Continue to enjoy Spring.

Velma said...

d, no blood here, and no pain, just weirdness! according to lillian bell hops are good for papermaking.
f, if you endured and kept your sanity, i might also! it's so annoying...

jude said...

can't hold a good woman down....

Valerianna said...

Goodness... I do feel a bit more "snaily" reading your list!

Too bad about hunters not paying attention to signs, that could be fatal to more than deer. And, good that you caught the rope when you did, intense!

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