Thursday, May 26, 2011

final farm day

 brian and ann talk to us as we harness pearl.

 yes, i'm in the driver's seat. just because you know how to ride, 
doesn't mean you "get" driving a horse.
 and my student was sitting with me. 
what if i made a mistake?
 pearl knows her business, 
and brian was coaching.
and i certainly was...unused to reins that are almost as think as my horse's girth, 
and the fact that her language is gee and haw, 
and i had no leg to use on her!
i got to drive pearl today. 
so did one of my students. and later a fellow staff.
pearl is an amish raised, 16 year old standardbred mare.
she is pearl, indeed.


Gardener in the Distance said...

A beautiful horse, Velma. How lovely to drive an old buggy too!

ronnie said...

oh velma! I have tears!

I once had a harness pony just like pearl (his name was william ... I called him will-the-wonder-pony) he was a most amazing pony.... trained for saddle and harness (single, pairs or four-in-hand.... he was a very very smart pony)

oh how I loved will-the-wonder-pony

I lost my beautiful will to divorce, more than 12 years ago.... and a few weeks ago my dearest friends lost their heavy horse (shauna... friend of will-the-wonder-pony) to colic....

your post makes me ache for another harness pony... (hope you are enjoying it all - I LOVE the cart)

Velma said...

i will tell pearl that she's been admired when i see her next. brian invited me to come out to drive her without students, to learn it better. i miss having horses, so much.

Margaret said...

I confess I am not a 'horse person', though I live in Alberta, which is a province thick with horseflesh for many reasons: pleasure, show, entertainment, labour, pure love... Still, I admire the great beasts, their intelligence and sensitivity. What a wonderful day you must have had!

neki desu said...

some fine lasses driving a buggy. spring is here indeed!

Velma said...

margaret, is alberta where spruce meadows is?

and neki, well, you are kind.

and everyone, this is not a buggy, but it's called a buckboard. anyone remember bonanza?

Hannah said...

mum, you look great driving!

Velma said...

hey, girl, i was scared i'd dump my kid!

Petrena said...

ms. looked marvelous!

you're right about' a whole different thing! but a good skill to have, i think. especially if he/she's gotten too old or arthritic or fragile to ride (or us!!!)

aren't horses as much an addiction as art? :-)
so sweet and soft and smell so good...

Velma said...

i think driving is fine, but oh to be ON a horse...and then taking her home, grooming, chores. i do miss that experience.

T said...

What an experience, driving the beautiful pearl. It looks like it was so enjoyable.


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