Sunday, May 15, 2011


to all of you 
who have sent wendy good health wishes
thank you
and the get over the cold 
wishes for me, i appreciate
it seems that the finger, menopause, teaching, the cold
and more rain
have been challenging.
i apologize
i continue to wait to see what happens
in the mill. 
i have val's okra soaking, making mucilage, formation aid,
for papermaking. just not today.


Valerianna said...

How IS your finger? About to get under a blanket with Pasha cat - instead of lighting a fire... I think - cold rain!

anastasia said...

it seems to come all at once doesn't it? maybe the rest of the year will be well, and only good things. i can't complain about rain, only that we haven't had any in a long time and the plants are wilting.
i came across hanji (korean paper) just now, and thought of you. it's quite interesting, especially the jiseung weaving technique. best wishes to a quick recovery of you and yours!

Velma said...

v, ha! that would be an asthma attack for me! cold rain here, too.
a, my dear friend aimee lee has introduced me to hanji, and i have worked a tiny bit with it, but never made it. i'll gladly send you some of our rain!

Barry said...

V- when I go to my doctor regarding bits and pieces breaking down etc he says in the kindest way - Barry it is called getting old - I think that is so unfair - bugger. Still may you and Wendy get well to enjoy being and creating. B

kaite said...

sometimes it doesn't just rain, it seems to pour, but i continue to send you and wendy warm wishes for good health.

Marilla said...

It has been a long, cold, rainy spring with some physical challenges for you and Wendy. I'm sending healing thoughts to you both. I too am so tired of the rain and am hoping for a warm, sunny summer for all of us.

jude said...

the weather is not helping anything but the garden at the moment. if is so cold here. and damp. and grey. hi to wendy.

Anonymous said...

love those handwoven squares with their secret markings.i think the planet's weather is trying to tell us something - and - we all need to listen. it's more like November here today and all my veggie seeds have rotted in the ground. take care, Velma and give wendy a hug.

Velma said...

b, my doctor is a friend and exactly my age, we laugh and sigh about our deteriorations
k, thank you so much
m, isn't it cold and wet enough? makes me want to cuddle up on a sheepskin rug for a long winter's nap...
j, wendy is licking, madly. i have slightly better manners and am wagging my tail.
j, yes, the markings are cool. they really saddened over time and are part of a book now.

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