Sunday, May 29, 2011


how can spring, 
so filled with the songs of birds
many i can't identify
how can spring
be so hard?
storms destroy
inner storms, too
bodies rebel
yet are so familiar 
is it that joy has disappeared?
it is the muggy, fudzy wet greeness?
is it despair that pushes at my skin until i say
yes, yes.
sorting out threads, saving some, giving some up. 
and the thursday oriole, first i've ever seen here,
i hope may return.


Deb G said...

Spring... waking up and beginning again, it's a painful thing sometimes.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

RX - 1. several good doses of laughter - laugh until you cry. Or watch a baby anything - kitten, puppy, human.
2. A spring tonic - juice of many green things perhaps.

Just a suggestion. ;o)

Anonymous said...

spring - re-newal,re-birth,the birthing process is painful, there are gifts at the end

ronnie said...

I just read this quote (oops source forgotten already) -

pain is inevitable, suffering is not...

its something I'm thinking about right now - and walking around the autumn garden as its dozing off for its winter sleep...

Cait Throop said...

Spring seems to be stirring so many emotions...I've never seen an oriole! Maybe he/she will visit here. xo

Velma said...

good about pain and despair, ronnie.
cait, yes an oriole!!! i feel like a queen. i haven't seen it back yet.

Velma said...

must be at your place!

iNd!@nA said...

cure for depression
watch a duck
a pigeon
or [if neither available]
an oriole

neki desu said...

just 2 words: chocolate and sunshine.

Velma said...

birds, chocolate, sunshine, a good recipe.

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