Monday, May 2, 2011


edges are my place. 
i breathe like i belong here.
i remember my selfself
here in the edge.
i grow quieter 
i grow complete.
i begin to see how it is to be
a human being. 
this muddled woman, 
of mixed up organization
of strong heart
of heat
and, let's face it,
longing and ardor.
yesterday was may day.
it's spring.


kaite said...

swirling on one side, near orderly on the other.

Joei Rhode Island said...

A walk with a dog... the best edge from which to start Spring.

jude said...

i love your fringe

Velma said...

you all see it!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Velma,

So happy to have discovered your blog via Inleaf! Such lovely words amongst such lovely images! I look forward to experiencing the seasons on the East coast through your eyes...


Velma said...

thank you gloria, and welcome! i hop e you have time to look around here where i saw the first trilliums yesterday. glad you know lotta, she's wonderful.

Barry said...

V- great bit of photography and link thoughts - I could virtually hear Wendy talk as she merge with you. Go well. B

Anonymous said...

how much of MY longing lives in my shadow! lovely, fresh, wake-up kind of words... thanks

Lynn said...

This made me smile.
Lovely May thoughts.

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