Monday, December 5, 2011

chauvet cave

these images, where the wall and the space
and the paintings and the seeing
meld into something huge
this i understand
and fear
and dream
what hands, whose?


deanna7trees said...

was starting to put together a post and just saw yours. i was told i could and i will. ha.

Deb said...

so many times I have seen drawings like this depicted with a hairy muscular guy reaching up working on them. instead, this time, imagine a woman's hand.

Velma said...

deanna, yes!
deb, in the movie as soon as i saw these four horses, especially the last one i thought it was a woman's hand, and i told my sweetie, and it was a new thought--he totally got it.

kaiteM said...

from deanna's post to yours - this must be a message to me, try to see it.

jo said...

isn't it the most amazing film - out of all the images, these 4 horses spoke to me and my friend the most as well - and there is definitely something very special about the fourth one joxx

Velma said...

kaite-run to it!
jo,i jknowi it was a woman's hand, i feel it.

Valerianna said...

Wow, amazing... like a charcoal drawing, reminded me in this moment of Marc Chagall's use of line. That 4th one, really IS something.

Velma said...

v, in a good photo you see the delicate nostril details that the rock surface interacts with to make these horses breathe.

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