Thursday, December 29, 2011

nothing much... say. 
this just appeared.
no kidding.
i am working,
pulled out a cutting mat, set it up, 
and there it was.
 i wanted to show you my new journal
 and the bag i put it in
 and on the other side of the table i saw this
 there are a four circle sheets from st. armond
 and this amazing journal
mohawk superfine pages, 
case paper cover
 seeing, sometimes it's so rich
even the dishes
 touching, sometimes
 learning, in this case to use flash 
to capture the fugitive greens
 oh, the endbands
do you make endbands?
i can't wait to use this
almost everytime i go someplace,
start something new, 
beads appear.
blue oatmeal story, because i was asked.
i was a student, dyeing at home on old sheeting
with rit dyes, layering color, shibori when it was tie dye,
subtle when subtle was OUT.
aluminum pan for cooking the dyeing cloth
(you can see where this is going)
in the morning i made oatmeal
served it.
bleary eyed, not believing, i realized the truth about NOT 
dyeing in kitchen pots.
rit blue oatmeal.
poison, maybe. i learned my lesson.


aimee said...

oh, oh, oh! each picture reveals more treasures. that journal will be wonderful to work in. i love limp vellums with paper covers and the understated endbands are such a treat. its bag is stunning!

but the bead says it all. happy day!

deanna7trees said...

i love the idea of the journal in that beautiful hand dyed bag. i'm working on my first simple little book.

Velma said...

aimee, this is one hell of a great day!
deanna, did you hear me gasp with excitement?!

Diana Angus said...

Some day I hope to learn to do endbands.

Velma said...

diana, you must! i didn't make this journal, but i have sewn endbands. i'm not proficient, yet.

Valerianna said...

Yikes! The oatmeal story. And the rest is pure eye candy!

Anonymous said...

"nothing say"! BEAUTIFUL all of it, I can almost feel the book and endbands?? well I've got a long way to go. the fabric is to dye for - just not in a cooking pot. my grands loved the bags I made to go with their Christmas books (it's a great idea, I put in gluesticks, stickers, fancy pencils and a peanut eraser (and a note not to eat the peanut). I can see you are enjoying your time off.

Lynn said...


I've only done endbands under the watchful eye of two CBBAG teachers (Don Taylor & Betsy Palmer Eldridge. Wonderful, wonderful teachers.) Haven't dared to go it solo. Yet.

Alice said...

Journal & bag, both beautiful! Use them in good health, as we say. Endbands - another to add to the list.

Velma said...

valerie, yep, the blue oatmeal
jean, because i haven't really got very far with the making...yet.
lynn, your teachers are SO good. my endband teacher was shanna leino.
alice, both from other artists, nancy zeller and laura russell. more about them another time.

ronnie said...

love journal AND bag - the only headbands I've made were a very simple rolled paper affair (still v. serviceable and pretty I must say) ....all this lovely work is giving me itchy making fingers ..... I feel a studio jaunt coming on!

Sophie Munns said...

great story....
blue oatmeal sounds so poetic!
well love your journal and that round paper...somewhere i have some of that paper... you reminded me!
Looking forward to seeing you creating with these new things...the bag was fabulous too... and that is a good journals get so dog-eared...even the hard bound ones!
Wishing you a lovely New Years...

Fiona Dempster said...

That journal is delicious and I love all the shots of drapy fabrics and bag; but the blue oatmeal story is the best. It is so like something I would do - I am a real concrete learner. Glad you didn't eat it...

neki desu said...

love the combination of journqal and bag, they play each other nicely.
i didn't go to the extreme of blue oatmeal, but i did use pyrex bowls for dyeing and then making salads. shudder shudder. again, youth! :)

Velma said...

ronnie, this journal was a gift to myself, i can't take credit for these headbands...i've only made a very few.
sophie, maybe if the blue was, still shouldn't eat it!
fiona, hands-on, all the way. i did learn, though.
neki, yes! who would have thought? the pyrex probably cleaned up a little bit better!

iNd!@nA said...

rit oatmeal
definitely poison
hope you used it as glue
rather than nourishment
rules is rules
some of them
are there for good reasons.
the one about pots and dyes is best not ignored!

Velma said...

india, i DID learn my lesson and i did NOT eat it! i was a kid, maybe 19.

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