Friday, December 23, 2011

snow fall

and deepening dark
 except for one small spruce
 here the cold deepens
 not very much snow, actually
 the old barn softens and freezes
 so does the woods
night falls, the day after solstice
a bit before chirstmas eve.
this tree on a hillside, north facing
always surprises me
as i go home.
hugs to you all.


Deb said...

No other place than deep new york makes that evening winter blue...the color of my dreams. Thanks for these beautiful memories.

Velma said...

sweet solstice dreams, deb.

ronnie said...

gawh - sooooooo unreal! so pretty! so not-like-here-right-now! (our temp gauge is pushing towards 30C aka 86F today..... not exactly SNOWY)

I'm shoving a few festive vibes down the optic fibre to you right now ~~~~~ hope you have wonderful festive break xxxxxx

Margaret said...

A Christmas blessing to you, and a wish for a year of joy and...deep peace.

Valerianna said...

Sweet little lighted tree. We got a bit of snow in the morning, but it all melted by mid-day. The dusk light today was beautiful, I love the blue glow in these images.

Velma said...

ronnie, i'm trying hard to wrap my mind around the concept of there really being a place that is in midsummer! when i visit next summer, it will be winter! ha! festive is welcome.
margaret, thank you, and peace to you and your loved ones.
val, the little tree is just a joy, far away from the house behind the hill that is the electric source, and every year it's a different tree, and different colors!

Anonymous said...

enjoy! love that dark/light.
hugs back. happy holidays.

Erin said...

Beautiful wintery photos... (so different from here!)
Marry Christmas and happy holidays!

Barry said...

V-love that old barn of yours - such strength. Amazing frost. How can that lighted tree be there - such wonderful contrast and outofplaceness. Though it is cold over your way I do hope you have a peaceful Christmas. B

Velma said...

thank you serena, it's all dark and light right now, isn't it?
erin, contrast is good!
barry, thank you so much, the barn has shaped so much for my family, the animals, haying, etc. and you get that little tree! peace to you and fiona, and perhaps we will meet next year!

Alice said...

So beautiful, the best time of day. Thanks for the blue.

Velma said...

you're welcome, alice. north country twilight. with tree.

Anonymous said...

oh, that's so beautiful, the little tree hidden and all lit up.

Velma said...

you're welcome, jeanette

aimee said...

brrr! you captured cold beautifully.

Velma said...

cold, clear, sunny today. a beautiful christmas eve.

Fiona Dempster said...

Magical moments captured beautifully Velma - it looks like cold that makes it to your bones.. But so beautiful still! Best wishes for a peaceful and happy Christmas - looking forward to catching up in 2012! F

Anonymous said...

warm hugs to you, stay warm and enjoy the time off. thanks for the Winter scenes.

Sophie Munns said...

Interesting to see the snow-fall like this Velma...a little more than heavy frost but not inches thick.
Lovely images highlights the lines in the panorama of trees and is so beautiful!
enjoy your quiet days... I can imagine siting by a fire and reading!
Happy Christmas!

Velma said...

fiona, it was deeply cold,and then that little tree reminded me
jean, hugs right back
sophie, yes, the landscape in snow is all about line, light and dark,
a drawing to stand in, cold and beautiful.

neki desu said...

thank you for those photos. a belated xmas hug to you. actually a boxing day hug!

ArtPropelled said...

Soothing photos for me with temperatures in the 40's (107F last week). Love those twinkling lights!
All the best for 2012 Velma!

Velma said...

and to you, neki
robyn, that's too warm!!! warm here, but not THAT much! we do have a little snow

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