Saturday, December 3, 2011

where i live

i couldn't NOT share this:
val white, children's book maven at the canton library
posted this on facebook:
While hunting yesterday, a friend saw two porcupines mating. 
He said they were nowhere near as careful as one might think.
somethings just gotta be imagined!


aimee said...

haha!! what wonderful things you get to share with us. thanks for brightening the already bright weekend.

Valerianna said...

Wow... now THAT is special! Last spring I saw snapping turtles mating. It was slow and ancient with a very strange soundtrack and lots of difficult looking maneuvering to get into position. Its a wonder they're still on the planet after all these eons as I really couldn't help but think it seemed like a LOT of trouble to go through!

I'm sitting with porcupine mating, that really IS something to imagine!!

jude said...

oh ha.

ronnie said...


kaiteM said...

too funny, but one Spring day a couple of years ago i was hunting for asparagus in long grass and saw 2 tiger snakes mating, not far from where i stood! they were very beautiful as they coiled around each other while moving forward and were not at all interested in me - thankfully.

Jenni said...

That bought a smile to me this morning!

Velma said...

ha, indeed!
aimee, it's still bright!
v, WOW, snappers. that's amazingly cool.
jude, and ha
ronnie, behave yourself!
kaite, whew!
jenni, and now we have snapping turtles and snakes!

leFiligree said...

wow, i cannot even imagine! except that nothing else is very graceful either in its procreating.

Barry said...

V-made me smile and chuckle inside. B

Fiona Dempster said...

I laughed - and the visual went straight into my head!

neki desu said...

hahaha! love when my imagination can run wild.

Velma said...

lf, ha!
b, good!
f, ditto
n, ha ha

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