Monday, December 5, 2011

monday monday

 wouldn't know by the weather
but the small brown box in my mailbox
 was a little promise
for my birthday
and christmas
 pat and butch sent this
cinnamon candy
strong sweets for weary tongues 
 and a delightful found object 
from a flea market
eight dishes in the porcelain
what for?
 and frustration
with the weaving
broken ends
before the ends were tied up
i became all entangled
bummed out at my fumbled fingers
this sometimes happens
and only the love of a friend
saves me from fuming.
(uselessly, i might add.)
and then a special package came to 
shock me out of my fuming.
(i will share that story later-)


Sophie Munns said...

There's nothing worse Velma ...a mood that takes you over when you are stumbling along and somethings not working! I have to stop and leave ...come back to it later as i only gets worse when i'm like that.
Lovely to be surprised with something in the mail... especially on a bad hair day!
The porcelain dish... is it for paints?
Poaching eggs?
Have a good week... hope its a good one for you!
S x

Velma said...

yes, sophie, i make these squares mindlessly...they are units for other things, and when this so simple thing fails, i get ornery. the dish is small, 3"x6".

Joni said...

i was going to say a paint palette as well, but not sure why it would be numbered. chemists also use porcelain dishes...but this one doesnt look perfect enough for lab use. is there a game that involves a dented dish?

i am ornery this week about not knowing how to use a new lens. unreasonably ornery, actually.

Ingrid said...

A mold of some kind, confectionery perhaps? Isn't there a Masters Degree in frustration....
The week will improve :)

Velma said...

joni, hi, i can't figure it's an odd thing.
ingrid, i hope you're right.

kaiteM said...

definately a paint palette and the painter has numbered the wells to coincide with the paint mixes. i get that.
and you've just crafted a weaver's pathway to let the spirit out, no point in being ornery about it, they must out where they can.
do we send you birthday wishes yet?

Velma said...

kaite, the numbers are under the glaze! the b'day was 11/28, but sure, wishes always welcome!

Judy Shreve said...

My guess for the porcelain dish is that it was made by a potter to test glazes or frits or colorants of some kind.

iNd!@nA said...

watercolour palette is my guess....

ArtPropelled said...

A tray for taste testing something..... maybe jams. Just a thought :-)

neki desu said...

agree, watercolor palette. forget the broken ends and gave some of that glorious candy.

jude said...

the broken edge has some message too.

Anonymous said...

there are bumps in every road, broken ends in every weaving - life is just a handful of threads. love the little dish it looks in very good condition, no chips or stains and the numbers are very deliberate. Not a kitchen thing, no painters I know would be mixing in something so neat/clean or small??.

Velma said...

judy, i bow to your knowledge of frit, etc, i can center a lump of clay and then my skills are done!
i love the thought about the "testing tray", india and neki, i thought watercolor, but there's no place to really mix much, although testing jams seems pretty crazy and yummy! jean, i can't figure it out
jude and jean, thanks for reminding me it's ok. i was vexed, though!

anastasia said...

i've used dishes like that in science class; you have the same thing in each hollow and pipette different substances into them and see what the reaction is. i think. fuzzy memory at work. it does look familiar though, something about the numbers. well, it's whatever you would like it to be now!

happy belated birthday!

Velma said...

YAY! thanks!!!

anastasia said...

found a link to one sold at a lab supply place! yay for fuzzy memory!

Velma said...

anastasia, you are amazing! ta da! it's a white porcelain spot plate!!!

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