Thursday, December 22, 2011

joanne kaar and angus macphee

dvd joanne sent me about making a replica angus garment
 fiberartist joanne kaar has made
her way as a fiberartist
doing some amazing work
she is twining, then looping a coarse but strong structure
i first saw her work when she was 
blogging about her work 
in journeys
which captured my attention, then my heart
she and gin petty were the two papermakers
that swept me away
and inspired me to consider
being public on the net
(and someone else really encouraged me...)
joanne's current project is 
working around the theme of angus macphee
from there you can search more about angus, 
and the puppet theater that is performing
the weaver of grass.
joanne recently asked me if scotland is on my way to australia
so we can finally meet and visit.
you see, she and i did a journal exchange
for a couple of years, and we would 
like to meet, in person.
and angus...he has captured my imagination, for he is
in some ways
like one of my students.


aimee said...

i loved that journal exchange! like the work that both of you make, earthy, meaty, smells wonderful, feels just right in the hands. i hope you make it to scotland!!

Velma said...

i didn't have the energy to photograph the journal, but i think i will. wanna come with me to scotland?!

Joanne B Kaar said...

My half our our journal exchange is very much treasured. How many years did we do it for? Was it 2 or 3 I forget. We must do something again....what next?

kaiteM said...

fascinating woman, and it seems there is a connection between Scotland and Australia, only one has to be inside a bottle to make it!

Velma said...

joanne, it was so much fun! i loved it when you would add in pages to my weirdly sewn book! and i remember lots about joe fishing!
kaite, hmm...!

Gin said...

Sweet mention. :) Thank you.

Erin said...

The textures, the scale... amazing work...!

Velma said...

gin, i frequently refer people to your place. and your book is one of my references.
erin, joanne is amazing.

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