Tuesday, December 20, 2011

success and failure

a goodbye to two students day
and later on, a walk
 frosted footprints from the day before
see what the crystals did!
stitched together my treads
and then this
 in a ravine
each year i see this travesty
of proper hunting 
someone's trash
two carcasses
or rather two heads and torsos
 this is someone's favorite trash spot. 
a stream runs through
and so the trash gets dumped
every year. at least two does
 this time, 
all wasted but the tenderloin.
the other trash? tires, and etc.


ronnie said...

wow - such beautiful found images of icy foot prints - following by such vile images of ugly thoughtlessness. why do people think it's ok to do this?* (*this may be interpreted as 'take life', 'litter' or 'be a total twat' as needs be.... I personally think all applies to anyone who would take, then trash life...)

Velma said...

yes, ronnie, it was shocking. this is the way of ignorance and disrespect. often legs will be scattered about, this spot is used as a garbage dump frequently.

jude said...

oh gosh.

Velma said...


aimee said...

i would feel so angry. and every year! i'm glad i didn't see these images when i was making your hunting zine, but i wonder what these people look like. all we get to see is the worst of their trail.

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - success and failure, happy and sad, beauty and ugliness...what a stark contrast you experienced on your walk. I LOVE what the crystals have done in your footprints and am horrified by the behaviour of people who shoot animals and then carve them up and leave the pieces lying around. What on earth is that about?

Valerianna said...

Oh how disheartening! And that's just it, throw a life away in a garbage bag... reminds me of finding plastic bags of newborn kittens hanging from trees when I live in rural Greece....

leFiligree said...

kind of makes you want to plant some motion-sensor cameras. wasting hunted animals has got to be illegal...not to mention littering in a waterway. maybe post some signs that say "this area is monitored by camera: No Dumping" but without the cameras.

Velma said...

aimee, that's why i patrol this yearly, i am angry. i wonder who they are and why they are so horrid.
fiona, those crystals, then the trash. what a contrast! it's about breaking the law. every year. sometimes many times.
valerianna, i get even more mad because of the plastic and cardboard and tires. the carcasses alone would be bad enough.
lF, these people always do this. i doubt anything would change it, they feel like they're getting one over on someone, and that it's their right.

neki desu said...

wonder what their lives are like,pretty miserable i guess. and perhaps they don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

disgusting on so many levels.

Velma said...

neki, one can only imagine...actually i CAN imagine.
dee, yes. i felt like i had to report it.

Penny Berens said...

Oh, my goodness, Velma....feeling anger bubbling within and so much shame for the things our race does.

Heather said...

Horrible waste - especially putting the carcasses in plastic so no other creatures can benefit. Carrion eaters clean things up atleast, although they couldn't do anything about the tires. Shaming the perpetrators via your local media is what comes to my mind, although you're right that they probably feel entitled and won't change.
So sad.

Anonymous said...

what a terrible lack of respect for all things living. lovely crystal footprints.

Velma said...

penny, my anger is still hot, you'd think i'd just give up, but i look every walk...
heather, in a week they have been dragged a bit but they're witness of human sickness, in my opinion.
jean, the footprints were such a shock, one day old, but full of beauty after a weather change!

Barry said...

V-such travesty of nature and the beauty of the landscape - I am white hot angry and I am not even in your shoes. I'm not sure what we can do in situations like this - follow it up just try to send some healing energy??? V- thinking of you. In spite of all that sending you best energy and wishes for this period of 'goodwill'> Peace to you. B

Velma said...

barry, and now i have to check on this to see where the garbage goes, and as expected, it is being spread around. fortunately, i hope those creatures doing the spreading will be able to eat some of the wasted deer.

Susan said...

Yuck. Don't you hate that? We have people who dump-and-run along the road I walk up to our quarry. Usually it's just an old microwave, but sometimes a calf carcass, and lots of McDonalds wrappers, and beer cans.

Sometimes I walk with Jean and she carries a bag to pick up their trash--but I'm just bitter and resentful, tired of picking up after fools

Velma said...

i'm with you, susan.

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