Thursday, December 8, 2011

weather thoughts

this oak basket,
come from red bird kentucky,
shows a grin in the window.
the sun melted the tiny snow away
here on the south face.
and the neighbors were 
snoozing until we walked past
waking their bovine vastness
light on black
a sunbathing duo
 on the ridge
i looked southwest
into the mountains
as snow clouds raced behind me
and the fugitive mountain
clouds play chase with the treeline
as night comes on
at work, a kid in crisis
and me, 
my constitution seems to be
fighting the flu
home early, and a nap.


henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

love the "fugitive mountain clouds." the first time i camped in the rockies, it was dead winter, the camp grounds were closed but being young and adventurous gates were no obstacle - yes, we broke in (peeing in the winter in the bushes is a hoot!) but as we were driving up the road to the forbidden camp ground, i looked trying to find the mountains and i saw the same "fugitive mountain clouds" and thought, i'm going to climb that!!! then i had a quiet moment to myself and realized those were the clouds. never lost that image and now you've named them. ginger root, lemon and honey - before you go to sleep will knock out that old flu.

Velma said...

henrietta, those clouds-i first remember them when i looked up after flying into denver. as far as peeing in winter, try it on backcountry skis-and try finding a spot in the deep woods protected enough depending on company. then there's the covering dance afterwards...

Valerianna said...

I can feel the cold... a quality in the light. I love baskets with that shape.
We had a tiny bit of snow here, too. Enough to cover the not-so-perfect raking job at least for a few days.

Sometimes when driving home from work, I play "pretend I live in Wyoming", cause the clouds are playing "we're mountains".

Hope you feel better, and my remedy is Elderberry Honey Elixir.

Velma said...

v, i should have gotten ginger and lemon when i was in town...maybe i'll get to it tomorrow, my friends, who make baskets in silver, call them fanny baskets. a deep crevasse in the center is indicative. are you done school yet?

Valerianna said...

ONE more day of school- Monday - but it will be looong. Crits all day and then an open studio after 4pm. However, the Exploring the Natural World class is making amazing work, so I look forward to seeing the final results. 2-D books are looking great, too, but the quality of the Exploring class is really outstanding!

ronnie said...

our aussie schools are all winding down for the year - 5 more days of school then it's summer holidays! our kidlets don't go back to school until the very last days of January.... ooooo we will have lovely summer days - we have some activities planned (sass wants me to teach how to draw tractors 'so they look real'.... EJ is keen to go to the beach and collect shells - she also hopes santa will bring her a jigsaw puzzle that we can do over the holidays - so that's our summer sorted!) I'll send you some of our warm rays ~~~~~ to shove that flu away)

aimee said...

that first image is stunning. reminds me of wendy at the window. this season has been brutal, illness-wise. thank goodness you have a weekend coming up!

Fiona Dempster said...

The first and last photos are lovely - both soothing from inside and outside. I hope you get on top of this bug...

Gardener in the Distance said...


Penny Berens said...

Just love how the "neighbours" are keeping an eye on you! Feel better.

Velma said...

YAY, V, to have a class that's really shakin' is wonderful
ronnie, you're having summer vacation...
aimee, thanks abt the photo, i liked it. i'm so used to the bugs, but this one appears to be rather tame.
fiona, thanks,
faisal, praise, indeed!
penny, those calves just keep me laughing

jude said...

sending warmth

Velma said...

thanks, jude, it;ll help me through this.

Anonymous said...

hope your kid is doing better and you.

my mom had one of hers huff bath salts a few days ago and is near death. it's wearing.

Velma said...

thanks. they move from crisis to crisis. sorry about your mom's. could easily have been one of mine.

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