Wednesday, December 7, 2011


the frustrations of paperwork or red tape
which should now i assume be called 
computerwork or cybertape
are hard to fight. when i do 
email mysterious people with complaints,
i get vicious responses
or none at all.
thankfully i went for a walk
and saw my two funny
maybe the fog is not just in the air
it's just that the winter is 
there was snow today
a little 
fighting into december.
but the warm wind
coughed it away.
this weirdness of money
all of it
frustrates me.
and then i see these beautiful
high bush cranberries
in the murk of late afternoon
and know that these few things
are indeed worth something
no money


Anonymous said...

I, too get frustrated with email responses or the lack thereof - but it is my opinion that the rude people have always been that way, they just think that the anonimity of cyberspace protects them from reprisals.and there are those who still understand the benefits of friendly communication. It looks cold in your part of the world.

ronnie said...

cranberries beats money everyday... the most valuable things always do....

Velma said...

jean, it's finally a wee bit chilly--30s. the rude guy told me off 3 times! i now delete his emails.
ronnie, i want to take these berries for myself. they are at my neighbor's barn's driveway, so i daren't ask!

Margaret said...

I grew up in SW Quebec (Huntingdon)...your rural posts remind me of home...

aimee said...

next time i see you and your computer, i'm going to show you how to BLOCK his emails entirely so you don't even have to see them! agh. how frustrating. but i loooooove the pictures of the cranberries. tart and precious. also, you are brilliant to call it computerwork and cybertape. it's so obvious yet we still like to pretend we do paperwork. i prefer the kinds of paperwork we actually DO like to do. hugs through the fog!

Velma said...

margaret, quebec is not so very far from here, we sometimes get amazing cheese there.
aimee, you and i know about the RIGHT kind of paperwork! the man is a university accountant. yikes!

jude said...

fog, rain, greyness, snow coming.

Nancy said...

I love your fog photos :)

Velma said...

jude, snow here, and this morning a little bit on the ground. colder, too
nancy, thank you. it was so flat, hard to get a sense of it.

Penny Berens said...

Here too we were blanketed in thick, thick fog yesterday. You captured it so beautifully.

neki desu said...

oh the cranberries and the fog, the forest primeval.
agree w. Jean on the blessing and the curse of e- mails

Velma said...

thanks, penny
neki, i suppose i could just delete...those cranberries are calling me.

kaiteM said...

it's the anonymity of it that brings out the viciousness, happens everywhere. we must live nearby, we've had fog also.

Velma said...

we are neighbors, right kaite?!

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