Wednesday, December 14, 2011

walking and books

 yesterday there was a little snow left
 she loves it

today i took two girls walking around school 
(which is in town)
for their p.e. class
suits me
and then taught my bookbinder
he has very good hand skills
and is comfortable piecing two pieces of hide together 
for his wrap around cover
 he "gets" sewing
 this was his first pamphlet, 
with a little decorative stitching
i showed him my byzantine binding exemplar today
he was impressed
on today's 2.5 mile walk 
with wendy
i was gifted with 
early spring
how weird this winter
so far


aimee said...

WOW! what a sewer! he's lucky to have you as a teacher. makes me wish i could sew right now (instead of type). maybe inventors could come up w/that kind of machine: you sew and the machine translates your stitches into words and then we could throw away our keyboards!

Anonymous said...

love seeing the photos of your work with your kids.

and congrats on the long walk. hopefully you're both feeling much better.

Velma said...

aimee, he's great one-on-one. i think steve jobs would hav eliked your idea.
serena, it was nifty tricking my girls into a nice city walk...maybe a mile! wendy came home after the walk and asked to play ball. this girl has had a remarkable recovery!

Valerianna said...

I love seeing Wendy looking so joyful in the snow! And young bookbinders, how great.

Dandelions in December, oh my oh my!

Velma said...

valerianna, wendy always makes me chuckle. and i could hardly believe my eyes today! you're free, aren't you?

Judy Martin said...

Your student looks to be doing very careful work. I envy him his patient teacher.

Best wishes.

ronnie said...

so lovely to see young ones make things.... make ANYTHING I say (rather than sit and watch the world go by on a computer screen.....) and dog body knows that getting out there engaging with stuff is the best thing to do with your time....

Velma said...

he is judy, and it's easy to be patient when a student has some tool facility.
ronnie, this one should be making things every day. he could make a much more complex binding for sure.

Sweetpea said...

My dawg loves snow in that way...
Hand skills are invaluable.

Velma said...

furry dowg+snow=joy

Hannah said...

wendy loves the snow! what a wonderfully happy pup. miss you two!

Velma said...

hannah loves the snow, too. we miss you.

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