Friday, December 9, 2011


a dotted dot found me
i didn't touch it
or try to do much
to it
but there it was
on my window frame
a dotted dot
if you are brave enough
to touch
you will 
have a surprise.
i know better.


Anonymous said...

looking for a winter home?? I know that surprise..

Velma said...

jean, the lady was just there, and i couldn't not take her picture. over and over...and my fingertips remain stink-free.

ronnie said...

ok - so this must be a different sort of lady than the dots of our creek (ours don't have any concealed weapons....)

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

Wonder if the full moon isn't having us all see dots. Judy Martin had a tutorial on dots, Jude has been doing her eyes all week, openings and closing abound. Apparently they have started to collect themselves on you window to. Why are they dots and not spots? I was always fascinate by such ladies when I was a child. I remember how much joy they brought and always a smile. The loveliness is that something so small can provide us with so much. If we just know how to pause long enough to observe.

Velma said...

ronnie, this is not an indigenous ladybird beetle, apparently these are imported and use as bioterrorists by farmers. they have a secret stinkbomb that is, well, a bit stinky. the flock indoors in north country houses in winter, and they are orangish rather than reddish.
henrietta, could very well be. it's been very overcast of late, i've not been in touch with her.

iNd!@nA said...

funny, ours are orangeish but

which is a good thing.

Lisa said...

a stink bug with a dotted dress...

deanna7trees said...

might be stinky, but it sure is pretty.

jude said...

i love the perspective this offers.

Velma said...

india, the stink is from the bioterrorists, not the usual suspects
lisa, hmmm
deanna, they're all over the house in winter, them and cluster flies
jude, it was fun to get so close and not touch

Deb G said...

I didn't realize there was a difference... I'll have to pay more attention the next time I go to scoop one up and take it outside. :)

Anonymous said...

The first story Alice ever told, aged about 20 months, was:


Tickle my hand.

Flew away.


Long Ridge Farm said...

stink bomb in very small package. vile smell

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