Wednesday, May 11, 2011

home and blue

i spent a great deal of monday and tuesday sneezing. 
eyes watering. 
i laughed and said the pollen allergies were bad this year. 
last night i took a nap after supper. before bed. 
it was then i knew: i have a cold.
 hannah is home briefly between grad school and summer work in bar harbor. 
three days, so i took today off to be with her. 
so what if i got sick.
so i'm happily blue, enjoying this sunnycool day with a huge cottony head, 
watery eyes, lots of sneeziness. 
we have errands to do, cleaning and sorting and sewing.
and wendy has been a little poorly, so will take her to the vet. 
and friday hann will be gone.


Valerianna said...

"huge cottony head" does not sound appealing... but the shades of blue are, feel better!

Velma said...

i was admiring the blues on the counter and hannah said, take a picture mom, so i did. the head is fine, a cold is so NOT a sinus infection!

ronnie said...

ahhh V
I know EXACTLY how you feel (I've got a nasty head cold too - and the weather has turned cold to match it BRRRRRRRR!)

get well quick (I've got nothing blue to reach for - so I'm picking early oranges off the trees... and trying to find a few lemons to make hot lemon and honey drink.....)

kaite said...

my thoughts are with Wendy...give her a hug from me

Velma said...

well, ronnie, orange and blue are complements, so...and wendy has had a couple of petit mal seizures. we're watching carefully.

Anonymous said...

get well quick, and Wendy,too. I do have the allergy symptoms and it's like a, rainy, cold and grey.

Velma said...

jean, at least i'm spared the gray. sorry you don't have sun. it helped to sit in the sunshine for awhile.

Deb G said...

Hope you feel better soon and that Wendy stays well...

kaite said...

how old is Wendy? i had a staffordshire many years ago who had grand mal epilectic seizures, they were mostly controlled with medication. lets hope it's something simple.

Velma said...

kaite and deb, wendy is 12. her vet says to keep an eye on her; for now, there's little concern, but if they continue, we may medicate. very unlikely that it's a tumor. wendy says she's fine!

iNd!@nA said...

auntie indiana recommends eating honey and drinking fresh ginger tea...get well soon

Cait Throop said...

Ahhhhh feel better, Velma!!! And Wendy, too. xo

Velma said...

working on it. the cold worsens, but today i was gifted a healing hug and a healing blessing. both helped.

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