Wednesday, January 4, 2012


woke up pretty sick today
 so i worked a bit on these 
 while trying to reduce my head
 from enormous to manageable
 i tried silk and cotton threads 
and india's favorite silk and cotton thread
(yes it's superb!)
 on triple weave silk
still feeling fuzzy
like this photo
but the sampling is going well.
one of my favorite writers on book arts
is gwen diehn.
last winter i found her blog and then lost it.
one benefit of illness is hitting buttons on the keyboard
and, lucky for me, i found her blog again.
i read, and left a comment, 
and that little bit sparked her to write today
(she's sick, too, poor thing)
hannah's writing internship proposal stuff
but is now out
 knitting with katie and jody
at brewer book store


deanna7trees said...

cedar fever is what is plaguing allergy sufferers here right now. my 2 allergy shots a week have kept me from feeling badly for many years. i was a basket case before that. loved reading gwen's blog and reading the words Brooklyn Museum and Park Slope. i spent lots of hours at that museum and my sister lived in Park Slope with all those beautiful brownstones.
hoping you feel better soon.

Velma said...

deanna, i did shots for years as a child/teen. now they're manageable, mostly, except cats. i have NOT been to nyc since i was a little kid!

Valerianna said...

Ugh, feel - Wish you could whisk away the cat allergy so coming to RavenWood someday wouldn't be dangerous! You seemed to still get stuff done even feeling miserable.... I usually don't.

Velma said...

val, it will be ok as long as i can have fresh air and non-cat textiles near me! this time i made myself work, i'm on to a couple of things right now.

ronnie said...

yuckety! hope you are feeling better soon - if it helps you, your gorgeous journals are making me feel all warm and fuzzy.... and thanks so for sharing the link to gwen's blog - what a discovery!

Velma said...

ronnie, gwen is far out! (can you hear john denver saying that?). her books are very good.

neki desu said...

velma, such an advanced creature even for allergies :) :)( which over here happen in spring) stay well.
what fabric is that? wool gauze?

Jennifer said...

Can't imagine how you managed such wonderful work while feeling so yucky. Hope you feel better soon.

Velma said...

neki, who knows, a huge weird headache. it's an amazing silk triple weave.
jennifer, it's been brewing for a while and i couldn't NOT, even with the bad head (i waited a few hours till i could think)

Penny Berens said...

You do beautiful even when down with a bug. Feel better.

jude said...

feel better. both of you.
love the little cloth book

Anonymous said...

triple weave silk - looks wonderful, bet it feels good,too. don't know how you can do those little stitches with a fuzzy head. stay warm, drink lots and stitch happy.

Velma said...

penny, you're very kind!
jude, it's coming
jean, it feels like it's seracin filled, all scratchy and odd! the stitches stitched themselves...

kaiteM said...

i was at the local supermarket yesterday and the cashier was all red and blotchy and scratching herself like mad - a customer had just handed her a bag to fill which was covered in cat hair. the perils of 'bring your own bags' to the cashiers.
hope you're improving today.

Velma said...

well, i think it was a severe headache from hay/spores/mold/dust, since i was in a hayloft in the afternoon hauling 16 bales, throwing, stacking, moving three at a time, restacking, and sweeping the floors. i used to do it all the time without issue, but maybe that plus +5 degree weather got to me?

Fiona Dempster said...

I hope the head has reduced to manageable - and I love those last few photos; soft and gentle.

Velma said...

all good, fiona, i'm back to normal. thanks, they were not as sharp as i'd have liked, but maybe indicative of my fuzzy head!

Barry said...

V-glad you are back to normal - a gentle bit of creative work can help head and spirit. Go well. B

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