Tuesday, January 17, 2012

snow days

 using the camera was cold work
gloves under mittens
cashmere and wool and down
  temperature had risen
up to
 5 degrees now
 inside and around these round bales
whole ecosystems thrive
even in the extreme of cold
 wendy thrives in the snow 
and cold

 so do turkeys
who leave behind
arrows pointing the way
glasses off
vision sharpened
 things hidden
 white, black. blue
wendy in drag 
tis how she moves
never waste too much energy lifting
your toenails too high 
 resting in the soft
frigid comfort of new snow
looking east 


Penny Berens said...

Still laughing at those turkey tracks pointing every which way. Such an inviting walk with Wendy.

Susan Fletcher Conaway said...

Your photos and words are always beautiful together. Love a dog that loves the snow.

Cait Throop said...

Just got back last night...so beautiful here! And love your view. Hi Wendy!!

jude said...

they don't call that north country for nothing

Valerianna said...

So turkey... wobbling around this way and that. Love to see Wendy in joy... fresh snow here this morning. Ever read Bernd Heinrich's "Winter World"? Great book about those ecosystems. I also loved his "Ravens in Winter."

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

What a relief--Another day in NYC--but no snow, only cold rain--so I visit New England snow on blogs I follow, and soak up the images there. I want to return to Massachusetts before Spring. Apparently I need the elements even though I'm not really built to withstand bitter Winters. Maybe it's something to do with having been born in January, or memories of childhood snow days. I crave the white world, swirling eddies of drift, and the sharpness of contrasts. Something about the visual message simplifies things for me, muffles the voices in my head and centers me in the larger landscape. Thanks for the visit.

Nancy said...

Love these photos, Wendy enjoying, you just chillin' and those tracks. The turkeys saying "Stitch us, stitch us!" Thank you for this visit to your world. I admire your strong bones being able to withstand this cold cold.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

puppies and snow - made for each other. i walk my mom's kiddo - named nosey - a beagle. so if she was walking with wendy there would also be nose prints - there's a reason she's called nosey. the looking east shot look like one of those bale laid down with it's feet up in the air. light is always a little bluer this time of year...

Velma said...

penny, she, like your goldens, are delightful to walk with
susan, many thanks, wendy will walk with you anytime!
cait, it's spotty all ove the county, no snow on th etrees yesterday here, 1/2 mile away, not so.
jude, you'll love this place
val, yes, i know bernd henrich's work, have read several. i love how he loves crows and raven so much
ms, i can't imagine no snow, and i was born at the tail end of november, a sag. snow is necessary
nancy, all those arrows!
henrietta, the blue the blue!

kaiteM said...

wonder why the authorities of old chose turkey tracks as the symbol of penal in/justice?
wendy looks so snug in the snow

Velma said...

kaite, i didn't know that. i think they look like arrows, which i have a fondness for. wendy loves snow.

Anonymous said...

I'm shivering just looking at your pictures - but we are having our own spell of wild winter weather. need a fur coat like Wendy's.

leFiligree said...

wow--wendy sure loves the snow! i like the arrows pointing the way as well.

Barry said...

V-prints in the snow have such subtle beauty and mystery. Stay warm. B

neki desu said...

you brought out the poetry in cold and snow. plus two rosy cheeks :)

kaiteM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Velma said...

jean, there are plenty of doghair tumbleweeds about the house...
lf, she absolutely does!, like a kid
barry, there is a wonderful sensuousness about this cold, cold world
neki, thank you, can't NOT do it--
kaite, amazing and sad. i think of the catholic saint who has all the arrows sticking into him--

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