Wednesday, January 18, 2012

silk and wind

last night the house shuddered
when the big wind hit
rocked my bed
heart racing once.
the night before,
ice ice ice
  alone can be daunting
when the weather is huge
on my mind: 
my country is winter
winter count
ultima thule
snow bunting
hungry white tail
sailing crows
deep. cold.


Valerianna said...

Oh my can I relate! At 4am I thought I was going to blow away and was scared. The alarm was set to go off at 5:45am, but I didn't fall back to sleep very much as the wind was so scary. First day back to school & ice-skating in the driveway. So NOW we;ve got winter!

Your cloth is very wintry, snow-showery, beautiful.

Velma said...

v, it WAS amazing and scary! my drive, too. i love this silk!

Marilla said...

I also was daunted by being alone last night. It sounded like someone was throwing ice baseballs against the windows. I kept reminding myself that this house has stood for over 100 years and would probably stand another night, and it did! I was wishing for ice skates as I made my way to the car this morning, but decided I was really safer in boots than I would have been on skates.

That is beautiful silk, and blends with all the other whites we are seeing right now. Stay warm and safe, Velma.

kaiteM said...

it all sounds very unpleasant, i would immediately think the roof was going to come off, i always think that in a big wind.

iNd!@nA said...

and here we quietly melt

Velma said...

marilla, alone in our big houses...maybe we should downsize?!
kaite, not bad-we've had MUCH worse
indie, come july my song may be diffrent

Anonymous said...

the first picture looks like the snow under my bird feeders, dozens of little footprints have left a pattern. I thought it was only me that laid awake at night and worried - about the roof, drains, trees.....

Anonymous said...

hi Velma, that was me, Jean at onesmallstitch that left the anonymous comment - Blogger is not letting a wordpress identity through (it's not just your blog!)

Velma said...

jean, nice analogy. i just love this silk. that piece was washed and i let it dry without tension.
damned blogging issues.

Fiona Dempster said...

Stay safe and dry and warm V - I think the wind is the worst thing, I can deal with lots of other action; but I don't like the wind.

Velma said...

you know fiona, i love the wind, with a huge dose of awe thrown in.

Susan said...

Wow. You've been having a hard winter. It's been uncannily quiet and calm here in Wisconsin. A lot of waiting for the other foot to fall, and then nothing. The storms go south, or north. I'm sure another year will be like your old familiar. Alone can be daunting. I'd probably move to town....but, when I dwell on that idea, it seems impossible

Velma said...

susan, it's just so damned unusual! not enough snow to ski yet here. and alone at night when it's icy is scary since we had a huge ice storm a decade + ago and a huge maple fell on my bedroom chimney...the bricks rained down along with the ice! kids and me were out of the house 3 weeks.

Long Ridge Farm said...

strange winter indeed. this is the first I have not enjoyed. lack of snow perhaps with a dash of too cold thrown in. I am not at all a fan of the wind. My dad hated it, picked it up from him. On a farm the wind is never handy! Be warm!

Velma said...

my first of not loving winter, too, nancy.

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