Monday, January 23, 2012


 the process of how a book becomes is
fraught with tiny decisions 
and then i placed
maybe arbitrarily
the one piece of silk that was 
just over 16" x 20" 
 and did a bit of math
and thought about page spread size 
and divided the cloth into eight 5" x 8" pages

which would be folded into
pages that were 4" x 5"
i then cut the attachment slots
 in this case the dummy was quite small
so i played with some silver oddments
to see how they are on the silk 
a nifty thread in natural and dyed with copper 
and a few other alchemies
the first cut
on this stuff i love so much 
was the hardest
more to come...


Judy Shreve said...

oh this book is going to be so lovely - can't wait for more . . . .

Velma said...

it's been a difficult incubation, but maybe it's ready, judy.

aimee said...

but you did it! after the first cut come more. hooray for doing all the math so well!

Velma said...

aimee, i stretched out the silk and let it relax there, and then it practically measured itself.

Valerianna said...

Love the soft-ness... but have to share that as I read, being somewhat brain-pooped from my full-on commute and teaching day, when you wrote "cut", I immediately started singing... the first cut is the deepest.. and now have that stuck in my head. However, I think it rather appropriate as once one begins to cut up materials, one is then committed.

Ha, and my word tonight is "afters". Ok, signing off, a bit

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Question--haw strong is this silk" I haqve a piece of very transparent habitaie lilk I have already done some stenciling on (no stitching yet) with plans for a long scarf--but this post made me start thinking about a book. I wonder if the cloth I ahave would be right for it. Maybe I would need to back it first? Maybe I should consider a more substantial material. I am a novice when it comes to book making--but it looks like you are providing very clear instructions--by the way, I've seen some of your other work, and can imagine this one will be lovely too. I'll come back tomorrow and see if there are any answers.

ronnie said...

I'm loving how this is looking....

onesmallstitch said...

oh, thanks for sharing the process, can;t wait to see more.

neki desu said...

a fairy book.

Velma said...

v, sorry about the song, but truly it's not my fault!!! the silk is so NOT soft!!!
ms, this silk is not like any i've ever experienced. it's more like felt made from air. you will have to experiment--
ronnie, me, too
jean, bit by bit
neki, maybe!

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