Monday, January 2, 2012

everyday graphics

marks on paper that have meaning
meaning that i don't know
but have enough info
to speculate
intrigue me
snail trails
rust spots
so i found this book
and found 
in these graphics


Annie said...

Wow - I just love these images. I've always been fascinated by buoy markers and shipping signs beside channels and harbours, huge hulks of wood and metal of course. I might have to check out the library to see if there's a collection of British sailing flags.

Velma said...

this one fell into my hands, out of 1960 to yesterday (metaphorically speaking).

Anonymous said...

oh gee whiz, once upon a time, when we sailed away - for several years and days - I stitched our flags and burgees on a little hand crank Singer. They look so bright and cheerful blowing in the breeze - or a full gale!

Velma said...

envy you this: "when we sailed away". lovely.

deanna7trees said...

always loved looking at looking at different quilt blocks. a great find. so much inspiration there.

Anonymous said...

It never, ever, occurred to me that there were that many yacht clubs each with their own private flag and insignia. Although, on contemplation, I can recognize all those of my youth, around Marblehead and Manchester. So there would of course be more.

I have a deep affection for the signal flags that are flown singly, or in two and three flag combinations that mean various things. Frex "carrying explosive cargo" or "I am operating without a pilot, please yield".

Velma said...

deanna, flag quilts!
lee, this little book is chock full, and to my eye they are organized by color theme, though whether that's the case, i don't know. it's a nifty book, especially for someone who knows what it's about!

Valerianna said...

Wonder if you see the yacht club burgee of my family's club of many, many years - the BYC - Beverly Yacht Club? Its blue and white and has a red star. Never looked at them all together like that, cool.

Velma said...

v--yes!!! pg no. 3 beverly (marion) mass. it's there!!!!!!

Valerianna said...

That's fun! Our family were members of BYC since I was a pre-teen until last year when Mom & Dad moved to Florida. Marion is a beautiful, seaside town... I'm sad they left it!

neki desu said...

what a great way to start the year, learning another"language"!

Velma said...

valerie, you hung out on boats...wonderful!
neki, the language of design, maybe

jude said...

i always like these kinds of book pages. variations on a them. all together,on a page

Velma said...

yes, exactly, jude

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