Sunday, January 22, 2012

at the press and around

printmaking and letterpress collaborators
mark and melissa 
 i was mesmerized
 as i watched melissa schulenburg
make prints on a letterpress 
 for a broadside
 melissa designed the block
and mark the typography
and mark is printing
and melissa inking
as a part of a series
i can't wait to see all of them together
wendy and i

went grocery shopping BEFORE
the print shop visit
on the road there was a deer carcass being eaten
 by a hawk and several ravens
they were unhappy when i stopped, 
turned around for a quick photo
when i first drove by there was much activity, 
four or five ravens, one hawk
 the appropriateness 
of birds getting their winter lunch
knowing it's not free.


henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

no, "knowing" is never free. the cycle of life does not come without a price. ah, the old van dercook...and smell of the printing studio...a wonderful tradition for sure. beauty and sadness (fyi, my confirmation word for this comment is "sting." serendipity.

Velma said...

INDEED! henrietta, and my insensitive nose loved it!

ArtPropelled said...

It must have been a wonderful experience Velma.The print is beautiful. I love the swirls in the sky.

jude said...

that next to last photo, it has the quality of an old print somehow.

Velma said...

robyn, i'll tell them--
jude, you're right, thanks for seeing that.

onesmallstitch said...

there is no free lunch! the print is beautiful and I love the process - magical.

aimee said...

there is so much going on in the north country. inside, outside, everywhere. you are so generous with the stories!

Velma said...

jean, it's so adirondackish here...
aimee, and peace paper was at slu and we went to casa del sol for the BEST food in years. cheers!

Valerianna said...

Oh, interesting what jude saw/sees. I was so taken with the birds and carcass I didn't SEE that interesting quality. LOVE the print, looks like a great collaboration.

Velma said...

jude has amazing vision. the birds were very annoyed with me.

leFiligree said...

i'm loving the print as well. that process is so involved and such great care must be taken.

i'd have been so tempted to stash the deer in the ditch so i could return for the bones after the birds have done their thing.

layers said...

Zen believes in the transient nature of life and death.. though it is still hard to see an animal like this I know it is part of life. and thanks for sharing your print process.

Velma said...

lf, i often find bones...i have a little stash and two carcasses close to home for leg bones...for bone folders.
donna, i don't find it hard when the body is being eaten, i find it hard when i know some idiot has shot it illegally, then dumped it (sans the tenderloin) in a plastic bag in a stream (i wrote about that on an earlier post). i hope i get to print someday, i might be ready to try!

Lynn said...

I was lucky once to see the Northern Lights.
They have captured it so perfectly in their print.

neki desu said...

yes, there's no free lunch. however gazing is free.your trip to the printersahhh! in another life i would have been an engraver- printer

Velma said...

lynn, the green lightshow is the one i usually see, but two or three times i've seen the red and green one. superb.
neki, there's still lifetime, you know...

Sophie Munns said...

interesting images Velma... both sets...the animals in the elements and those artists at work...
how wonderful to get to see them in their process.

Velma said...

thanks, sophie. i like juxtaposition...

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