Saturday, January 28, 2012

winter color

i have been complaining
of the winter
and the dreary.
this morning
 just past sunrise
 my driveway
swathed in 
 the inside of a shell
or a cecropia
swimming in blushing air
until it changed
this afternoon
 these clouds
like tapestry
ushered in the
weather change
 there was a bit of ice 
on the drainage
and one calf.
i asked where is the other?
in the freezer, he replied.


Valerianna said...

Amazing photos! Those skies, both the colors and then the clouds, stunning. If I painted clouds like that, people would tell me they didn't look real. I get that a lot... and I reply - have you LOOKED at skies a lot?

Velma said...

valerie, i live on a hilltop, and it's great for looking up!
best view in the house: upstairs bathroom!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

i've noticed on these colder days it is clearer and at sunset the tops of the trees are painted pink, orange sometimes red. without the leaves the color is picked up ever so differently by the trees...the city doesn't allow for too much appreciation of the natural world but there is this little offereing. I hope he's not in the freezer - i'd hope the fellow was in the "out house" or camera shy.

Velma said...

henrietta, these are "beefers", beef cattle. the farmer told me with pride that this one is growing well, too. a garden of sorts, i suppose.

mansuetude said...

love the way that light falls through down and into all the tree brambles. you have a graceful eye

Jenni said...


onesmallstitch said...

that sky! the colour and the bare branches and the ribbons of cloud, spectacular. I was never a good farmer's wife.
love the pages and the blanket stitch. will have to investigate the book technique. thanks for letting us watch the book become...

Velma said...

m, thank you
j, thanks
jean, you never cease to amaze me! farmer's wife! check alisa golden's blog.

kathyd said...

the clouds are wonderful . i never get tired of seeing clouds .

Fiona Dempster said...

V - that sky is like a daylight gift of the northern lights in a way; and those clouds are threaded...simple beauty!

Velma said...

kathy, skies to remind us
fiona, daylight aurora

Barry said...

V-beautiful pinks and greys. We actually saw fragments of a sunset in NY today. Great to share with you. B

Velma said...

b, wish i could have made it down to the city

Maggie Neale said...

The pink is magical! Great series of posts here, Velma. Storytelling through images and poetical words. Thank you for sharing.

Judy Martin said...

I say ditto to all these comments about your beautiful sky photos. I really like the pink morning you enjoyed...and then those wispy rolling afternoon clouds came along.

An artist like you notices these things. Thanks for sharing.

Velma said...

maggie, that's very kind, being inside that pink was amazing!
judy, it's all the sky, really

iNd!@nA said...

one freezing cold, one in the freezer. it's this aspect of farming i'm daily becoming less reconciled to! lovely images though...

Velma said...

thanks. yes, it's hard for me, too.

Morna said...

Some gorgeous photos here, Velma.

Velma said...

thank you, morna

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