Friday, January 6, 2012


 we do have some snow. 
maybe four inches.
 the fabric i've been experimenting with is triple woven silk that is 
rough and weird and not soft.
 i am better, 
thank you,
i think the headache/illness was a weird allergic reaction
so i've been looking around 
 seeing beauty in the simple lines of winter 
well, not simple at all
a complex geometry 
that appears to happen
 but it's complex
today at a meeting
i heard this:
he doesn't count
about one of my students.
i saw red.


henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

i read something once about seeing the true tree when the leaves have leaf. like seeing their soul. shadows are like that too. souls.

Valerianna said...

Yikes! Amazing - he doesn't count - I'm stunned. Maybe I stun too easily...

We had slight dusting of snow, but warm today, in the 40's. I'm on a roller coaster, and I prefer to do that with a soft, snowy ground to fall off onto.

kaiteM said...

perhaps he'll count when he starts throwing and burning things?

Margaret said...

Years ago I was night shift nursing supervisor in a rehab/extended care facility. A mix of patients -- young paraplegics and quadraplegics, and elderly stroke patients. When bed sores developed (short-staffed for turning the bedridden) and I asked for sterile dressing sets for the elderly to dress their wounds, I was told, "They're old and it doesn't matter anyway." I too 'saw red'. Threatened with a lawsuit if I went public with the information, I am ashamed to say I left. Eventually I left nursing altogether. Yours is an honourable calling; I pray you have the strength and courage to fight back. When I was 25, I didn't -- but I think I would, now I'm almost 60.

Velma said...

henrietta, i love seeing the bones of the trees, especially my maples
val, no i was hot! it's warm here, now, i'm going to open my window for sleeping, i think.
kaite, no, i hope he continues making art, instead
margaret, sometimes i feel that our staff are the only believers in these disenfranchised kids

ronnie said...

'he doesn't count'...... well I suppose if you have no heart you can't know the worth of someone else....

mansuetude said...

I think we each are allotted a student or three to stand up for. Until.

This winter u could bottle that o so rare snow. Send it around the usa.

Sophie Munns said...

I have to say Velma ... I felt quite silly when reading Robyn's post the other day which featured your rock book. I saw it properly for the first time. Not sure why I haven't been seeing it before like that... something connected in my brain and I breathed a big sigh!
I had a moment where the eternal struck me quite strongly! It was wonderful .
M's comment about re being alloted a student to stand up for ... yes... that speaks to me.
Glad you a feeling a little better!

aracne said...

As a mother of 4, finding dedicated and concerned teachers has always been a blessing.
The fabric is beautiful, I like the tones of the off white and the blue.

Barry said...

V-nature can offer so much calming, soothing and healing. I can imagine you seeing red over such an unjust demeaning discounting comment. Everyone and everything counts. Go well and continue to be well. B

Velma said...

ronnie, no heart or a twisted one
m, each of my students are the kids no one wants, but this was over the top.
sophie, thank you about the rock books. i need to take a couple of good photos so they can be properly SEEN. every kid deserves an education, or so we say we believe
a, i became a teacher AFTER being a mom, thanks about my sampler stitching
barry, i often wish our program was not in town, but i do have big windows looking out into maple branches in my classroom.

Cait Throop said...

Velma, not count???? wow. such humanity. sigh.

Velma said...

oh, god, cait, i was furious.

Anonymous said...

the world can be really cold.

here's to lighting it with the good hearts!

Velma said...

yes, serena, indeed!

ArtPropelled said...

Attitudes like that can destroy every ounce of confidence in a person whether they hear the remark or not. Glad he's got you in his corner. Keep warm and stay well, Velma.

Anonymous said...

as someone who 'blurts' and sometimes with a great deal of hyperbole, I hope this 'not counting' comment was made in a certain context? like, 'doesn't count for purposes of this conversation' or, 'doesn't count because he has a learning disability and we're not talking about students with disabilties' or some such thing? otherwise, pure horror. I am astonished at the 'educators' we have come across over the years that don't like people in general, and especially don't like kids, and then within that category, especially don't like boys, and within that category REALLY, REALLY can't stand ACTIVE boys... my two sons have had the misfortune of being under their so-called 'care'. Why aren't they behind counters selling auto parts or something?!!!

Velma said...

robyn, yes, that kind of negativity is part of the problem. it's in the 40s today, raining. way too warm.
dee, the words were regarding how state ed dept saw the kid (as a statistic). it could have been appropriately phrased. our public schools are not working for too many kids.

jude said...

who do we think we are when we make judgement?

Velma said...


Anonymous said...

I am in the thick of the public schools not working for one of my kids...and (this is a different problem) it is amazing how many people ask, 'have you considered private?' not pausing to consider that it might not be an option.

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