Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year

 off again to the adirondacks
 my sweetie longs for them
i'm content here in the foothills
i thought it was an eagle
 but it was a raven
 two actually
that we couldn't get close to
they had better things to do on new year's
 the sky kept changing
rain, overcast
snow, sleet
sunshine and warm, too warm
 all in 24 hours
oh, and fog and
did i say rain? 
 staying late in the season
 they always look like old men to me
 but i love the constant watching
and along the river
the big st. lawrence,
a huge flock of robins 
not yet gone south,
like the heron
and carol sent me this:
fiber from...
lotus stems
in myanmar 
happy 2012 my friends


mansuetude said...

love your "old man" in his rumpled suit of cloth. Happy New Year.

kaiteM said...

happy 2012 to you too, love the cool photos. it's in the low 30sC here now.

Valerianna said...

The small, greenish heron's always look like old men to me, in fact, I call them old men herons... can't remember what they're actually called now.
Weird, warm weather today - almost 50 degrees! But then its suppose to be pretty cold in the next few days. Sea saw. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, love the ravens!

Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Velma. Your posts always remind me of home. (I grew up 16 miles north of the US border, in Quebec. Summered on the St. Lawrence for 20 years...) Out here in Alberta its sunny and cold -- only birds are the winter ones, looking for seeds and berries: chick-a-dees, woodpeckers, waxwings (who'll leave sooner or later for a few months down south)...

Love the Old Fellow with his turned-out feet and set jaw!

ronnie said...

I just love looking at your snowy pics! such a contrast to my place (its shaping up to be another warm summer's day here at the creek - is early morning and the temp is already 25C aka 77F) and cheaper than taking a plane ride! (gosh but that 'old man' bird is a character)

Velma said...

(welcome!) & everyone, the old man was very humped up as he watched for imaginary fish (it's a drainage he's in, nothing permanent) but when i opened the car door he got miffed and away he flew.
v-i think they're called green herons (that's what i was taught)
m-it's the same here, a few mcmansions, fewer working farms, and not quite as cold as it used to be. i'm a bit south in the foothills.
r&k-hard to imagine summer just now!

Diana Angus said...

Happy New Year, Velma. Thanks for sharing your perspective on life and books and everything.

Anonymous said...

no wonder the heron looks grumpy - he has cold feet. they are most amazing when approaching a nest in a tree, always looks like a crash landing about to happen.

aracne said...

Beautiful pictures, I like the feeling of peaceful open spaces that they transmit, I imagine the silence and the chilly air.
One day I would like to visit this area.

roz said...

yes !
happy new year .. me thinks it will be a big one :)

Penny Berens said...

Happiness to you in this brand new year, Velma. That poor heron, I want to rush down there and help him with his fishing!

Velma said...

diana, thank you so much
jean, very cold. i'm surprised they're still around
aracne, do visit. in winter it can be very cold, this year it's been very mild. if you come, i'll take you out for a back woods ski!
roz, anticipation! i'm ready!
penny, there are NO fish in there, no anything except, maybe a snail?

Valerianna said...

I thought they were green herons but wasn't sure... old man in a trench coat!

Velma said...

yes, val, old men...could really play with this one...

Anonymous said...

very cold old men! welcome to 2012. let's play the circle game...

thank you for being here.

Velma said...

you, too, glennis. if it's still around, it's VERY cold.

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