Thursday, January 12, 2012

sleet, snow, and rain

snow day
but no snow here.
we slow down
walk carefully
listen to the radio
explore what to do with this 
gift day.

i am warm, 
have some work waiting 
and i have it to hand. 
on the radio, a woman sings
"skating on thin ice".
go over to see this poem
of catherine's


Sophie Munns said...

Its good you are warm Velma ... its making me feel quite chilled ... all this ice!
So much poetry in your family... Lovely!

Velma said...

well, we tough north country dwellers are way cool with cold and snow, but ice, well, it slows us down some!!! most people (my kids included) growing up here learn to skate as soon as they walk. then there's ice fishing.

Valerianna said...

We got snow, now its starting to mix with occasional drizzle before turning into all rain. Ugh. Just when I have to go out...

Velma said...

valerie, drive with's gotten a little worse here

mansuetude said...

the idea of ice fishing or skating makes me smile. (but not on an icey day). Love the mailbox image.
stay warm.

Velma said...

m, i don't love the ice as my kids do, even now in their 20s they are at home on ice.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

the only bit of nature i can claim in the city are the 7 blue spruce that live on my city size lot (I have a double lot which is also going out of style.) last year we got an ice-storm and the ice clung to the trees/branches/needles and looked like stalactites reaching down to touch a surface. they were quite beautiful but you had to walk like a duck to enjoy them.

Velma said...

all here in the north country remember the ice storm of 1998. then, i was out of my house, without electricity for 21 days. it was horrific, and it happened this time of year!

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