Thursday, August 11, 2011

books brewing

the cover, completed
  the hand of this sent me off to my bookshelf, 
to reread the bit about the shakers' poplar cloth
 shaker textile arts by beverly gordon.
the northeastern shakers made  
poplar cloth, 
woven with poplar strips on cotton warp
the slippery elm in this feels lovely, 
slick even as it dries.
perhaps when i go to maine i will visit sabbathday lake
if they welcome it, that is.
and this is a structure i'm exploring from alisa golden
it's in her books but also on her teaching blog
the foredge
and then there are these.
it pleases me to recycle them.
 i wear these like jeans, 
because they are more comfortable than jeans are now
because jeans have that silly lycra in them and
feel like thick tights 
 and when these gramicci climbing pants 
have come apart several times 
and have been resewn and repaired, 
they retire to be dyed or made into rag paper.


jude said...

nice post

Penny Berens said...

Thank you for sharing that gorgeous book, Velma.

Velma said...

j & p, thanks, and p, they're just beginning

Anonymous said...

the woven cover is wonderful, wish I could feel it. thanks for the Alisa Golden link, I have one of her books. the fabric book is so exciting I got carried away and let the washing machine run over. recycling at its best.

ronnie said...




lotta said...

that cloth book is amazing. how inspiring. and the woven cover is delightful!

Anonymous said...

so glad to have discovered the beauty here. amazing seeing.

Lynn said...

The cover's colours are beautiful. It must feel gorgeous in the hand.

Barry said...

V- I was going OK with the beautiful woven book cover; still going OK with the deconstruction of garments; but must say I lost it a bit with the stretch material etc etc. But I'm sure the end product will be a whole lot of of creative fun. B

Fiona Dempster said...

V - loving this cover - wow! It is warm and beautiful and the fabric pages look as if they would feel gorgeous in the hand. Have fun reconstructing and recycling all the fabric bits for clothes..

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