Monday, August 15, 2011

a mid august rain

afternoon rain came sunday
thunder growled
an hour 
then it finally 
rained and rained
wendy hid out, fearful, as usual
and i worked on hard pages
in shifu 
finishing four in two days
and this morning
fog and damp
blanketing the porch table
the screens
my skin
and a home 
 foggy interlude today
time to work
and think about things to come
plans coming to fruition
a visit, two, three, more
a trip, two, three, more
and then school again 
a web for gin, who photographs spiders 


aimee said...

oh, my. the images lately have been unreal! i love being able to share what you see. what gifts you give us!

Valerianna said...

Same here... rain, no thunder, but torrential rains all night. The green of the mosses and the hemlocks seems to gleam and shine in the rain. Seems time to start to do some school work - syllabus and class musing...
Great spider web through wet screen- love those images!

Velma said...

a-august does her magic, i just run to find the camera
v-i'm prepared for school, i think!

iNd!@nA said...

looking forward to experiencing this beautiful whirled in person very soon!

Velma said...

i-coven convenes. safe flight to you.

jude said...

i love u

Velma said...

j-and i, u! hurrah everything!

Gin said...

Thank you for the dew damp web shots. :) Not sure if this will work, but if it does, the spider shots should show up if you follow the link:

Velma said...

g-the link worked in my email notification, not from here, but that lady is awesome and scary!

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