Saturday, August 20, 2011

delving deeper

wendy came right over and put her head on jean's bojagi
and did not want to leave
i had to twist around to show you this a bit better. 
when it arrived in my mailbox,
it was quite hot
and it smelled like the dyes, 
the essence of jean's weaving, 
i buried my face in it before the heat faded.
this is the second stump loom
cut from recycled barn wood from 
his old dairy barn
that was recycled first 
as a porch.
sustainability in action.
i have been exploring alisa golden's nifty structure:
created by her husband
who is not a book artist
(wonderful, that)
and have a new idea
we'll see if it can work into something 
where it goes
when a new way of doing a beloved task emerges, 
so much potential
my head is zinging 
there are still some lokta squares available
should you care to have your own
(see the prior post)


aimee said...

OMG, VELMA!!! that is SO SO SO wonderful and amazing. both wendy on bojagi and your new structure w/your shifu! i soooo hear you, hear the zinging, know that feeling, and am so excited for you! and for us, of course, since we get to see more birthings and i know what will emerge will develop into things even more miraculous than we've seen before.

Anonymous said...

Wendy must like the smell of kakishibu - good taste, old girl. can't wait to see more of the little sifu book, I can hear the zinging all the way to the Wet Coast.

layers said...

Hello Velma.. I think it is wonderful when artists- no matter what their medium or art- can get new ideas zinging left and right.. can't wait to see what transpires..

iNd!@nA said...

wendy is a bit of a darling, methinks...see you soon!

Barry said...

V- such a wise looking dog. B

jude said...

i say quietly... wow!

Velma said...

oh, aimee, thank you for your enthusiasm
jean, she kept her head right there for a long time
donna, might take a while, but there is definitely some excitement
india, she's waiting
barry, she's very wise
jude, me. too

Fiona Dempster said...

Thanks for sharing Velma - what a wonderful moment! Wise and wonderful indeed.

Velma said...

f, i really miss her when i'm away, her quiet insistence on being MY dog!

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