Thursday, August 25, 2011

further up and further in

in narnia, 
after the last battle, 
aslan encouraged by saying 
"further up and further in". 
as i told a dear friend,
i am learning to examine more closely, and to think more deeply
the little gods here, 
luna and kaylie
ground and center us
as we go deeper 


Valerianna said...

I love all the bundles in a pile and the blessing dog...

Susan Fletcher Conaway said...

how fun it will be to see all those bundles opened. makes me itchy to open one just thinking about it. what an opportunity - looks like an amazing time!

Velma said...

v-the dogs here are lovely, lovely girls
s-welcome, and it is totally amazing

Fiona said...

I think I have fallen in love - with your dogs!

Velma said...

f-they're nancy's, here at long ridge farm

neki desu said...


Velma said...

n-it's really good work

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